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November 22, 2015

Inbee Park

Naples, Florida

THE MODERATOR: We would now like to welcome in the 2015 Vare Trophy winner, Inbee Park. I know the Vare Trophy is always special, but when it comes with earning your 27th point for the LPGA Hall of Fame, it's got to be a very, very special day for you.
INBEE PARK: The trophy, that sounds really good. Being the last point to achieve all the points for the Hall of Fame, it's even more special. I mean, it is special as it is, but it just make its much better. Obviously such a prestigious award. I've gotten it before. I know how it feels like. I know how hard it is to get it.
It's been a long Race this year. I'm not going back with nothing in my hands, so that's great.

Q. How much was this on your mind this week knowing the Hall of Fame? Knowing so many trophies up in the air, how much were you thinking about that today in that final?
INBEE PARK: Coming to today, I knew that I needed one point to wrap up the season. Not to think about a million dollars or the Player of the Year or the Vare Trophy, my focus was really getting the 27points. Just being able to get what I really wanted, I shouldn't be asking for more. I could have done a little bit better with a couple short putt misses. This has been a heck of a season this season. I'm really satisfied with it.

Q. There were a couple of things at the 11th hole, you thumped a club, we were all going we don't think we've seen you do that. Was that a reflection of how hard it was out there and how much pressure it was?
INBEE PARK: I felt so much pressure out there today. I was struggling with that left shot yesterday and the day before. I was trying to avoid the left shot, but it just came in the right moment. And I've probably done that before but you haven't seen it.

Q. There's not many sports where you can earn a Hall of Fame honor at such a young age and we haven't had many winners. When you qualify next year, when you achieve your tenth season as an active member, you'll be the youngest to do so in LPGA history. What does that mean to be able to achieve it at such a young age?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, I thought the youngest everything was Lydia. I'm doing something youngest. I don't feel that young after playing with Lydia all year. It feels great to hear that I'm still young.
Obviously putting my name the history of golf is such a huge honor. It's just a great feeling because that's something I have been always dreaming of doing. I said if I come one point short and I have to play for that one point next year, that wouldn't be a great feeling for the next couple of months. As I said to myself, I really want to enjoy next couple of months, so I can get all the points this week and really enjoy the next couple of months. That's what I just did.
THE MODERATOR: When you look back now on this year, accomplishing the Grand Slam, you've reached the number of points for Hall of Fame, what goals do you set next for yourself having achieved so much already?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, I mean, I think I got to really think about that for a while. Maybe you will give me something.
THE MODERATOR: I'm sure we'll come up with something.
INBEE PARK: There's so many things I can set up to. The most important thing is just enjoy what you are doing and enjoy what I do. I really enjoy playing golf and I couldn't have been here if I didn't enjoy what I was doing. The most important thing is really to enjoy the game of golf.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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