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November 22, 2015

Gerina Piller

Naples, Florida

Q. You didn't let up. You just didn't make enough birdies?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah. I mean, it's not really a question. What do I say? I mean‑‑

Q. Were you pleased with the way you played today?
GERINA PILLER: I was. I started out well. Obviously I birdied the first hole. Then it just kind of fizzled out. But I felt that I just kept telling myself how much I believe in myself and much of a good player I am, that I could still do this. With six holes to play, to birdie five out of six, I'm pretty pleased.

Q. You still have to tell yourself you're a good player after the year you're had?
GERINA PILLER: It's just one of those things where you just‑‑ it's just something to keep your mind off of going into the future, worrying about the last shot or the next shot. Just kind of really instills the confidence in me. I feel like this week was a great stepping tone.

Q. Career year this year. What do you attribute to getting better each year?
GERINA PILLER: There's lots of things. I can't leave my caddie out. He's been one of my biggest fans. He just gives me so much confidence and I just enjoy him as a person. I enjoy having him on my bag. He's a great hard worker.
Another thing, obviously I switched my clubs recently. That's been a huge help. Being on Solheim Cup, one of my goals was to not be a captain's pick and I did that. Accomplishing my little goals here and there. It's just been huge for my year.

Q. What are the goals for 2016 now?
GERINA PILLER: I think we all know that, it's a big win. I think that I'm just going to carry this over to next year. Before I had doubt that I didn't know if I had it to win, but now I'm all in.

Q. Two runner‑ups in the last four months, that's got to be good experience?
GERINA PILLER: For sure. I attribute it a lot to Solheim and that's a pressure packed stage that you will never ever‑‑ I don't think a major will give you that much pressure. I mean, you are playing for country. I don't think there's any bigger honor or pressure in that. To go out there and‑‑ I felt like I played well in Colorado as well. To go out there in Germany and perform the way I did and make those putts and lead our team to victory, I think it was just career changing.

Q. Thoughts on Lydia being the youngest Player of the Year in history at 18? What do you think about that?
GERINA PILLER: It's incredible. I didn't start playing golf until I was 15, I can't imagine being out here when you are 18. For me, it's something that I cannot wrap my mind around. She's a great player and just want to be a little more like her.

Q. How far were you from the putt on 17?
GERINA PILLER: It hit it on the green and it rolled a little and I was on the back fringe. So it was a downhill slider. Had two breaks in it, actually. You want to make those, but you don't want them to slip away. Left it a little short, less than a foot short. That's all I can ask for.

Q. What are your plans for the offseason?
GERINA PILLER: I'm catching a flight. Can't wait to see my family tomorrow.

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