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November 22, 2015

Lydia Ko

Naples, Florida

Q. Lydia, the putter, it was a just a little bulky today. Had it worked a little bit better, you may have been able to challenge Cristie?
LYDIA KO: I think the hole was smaller than the ball today. A lot of lip‑outs, a lot of close ones, they just weren't dropping. Same case yesterday.
When your putter goes cold, it's tough to try to catch up to the leaders. I tried my best. I think it could have been worst worse. I made a couple of 3‑footers for pars, but I've just got to take the positives. I'm happy that the season is over and I can relax.

Q. It's hard to calibrate who's going to win. When you found out, is that when you became emotional?
LYDIA KO: I think so. I think what triggered it more was‑‑ what kind of tough day it was. I tried to stay patient all day. Even up to the last minute, it had to lip out, it was tough. It's been a long season. Upanddown, mostly ups, but I think every emotion kind of.

Q. Until I told you that Cristie Kerr was going to be the champion of the Tour Championship, you had no idea?
LYDIA KO: I didn't really look at the leaderboard. Congratulations to Cristie. I played alongside her yesterday. She was hitting the ball great. She was making a lot of putts. She's had a great season. She's a very deserving winner.

Q. All the times I've watched you play golf, (inaudible) what does that award mean to you?
LYDIA KO: At the start of the week, I would say the biggest trophy that would mean a lot to me would be the Player of the Year. It just‑‑ I'm so thankful to my team. I'm still emotional.
It's been a really tough day with the putter. Had to stay patient quite a lot. Even up to the last minute it went cold on me. It's been a fun season. There's a lot of positives to take into this week.
I think the great thing is we've got three different winners, winner of Player of the Year and then winner of the TOUR Championship. Who would have known that there would be three winners at the end of the week.

Q. To win this for the second time, could you ever have imagined this?
LYDIA KO: No, I think after my putt lipped out on 18, I didn't really know what to think. Just a lot of emotions, a lot of thoughts, kind of the mind went blank also. No, I feel very grateful. I'm so thankful to CME for starting this Race to the CME Globe. There is no reason why our Tour shouldn't have this kind of a race. I think it makes its very exciting. It came down to the last hole, last putt. We're just so thankful to our commissioner.

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