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November 22, 2015

Lexi Thompson

Naples, Florida

Q. What were you looking at for eagle? How far away were you?
LEXI THOMPSON: I was at least 50feet off the front of the green, a few yards off it. I just hit the putt too hard. I didn't judge it correctly through the fringe. I almost made a good comeback, I hit a great putt.

Q. How fun was that?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was cool. I mean, she just missed my hug. But it's all good. It's great to play her play so well and get that win. She's such a hard worker and great player. My partner out there, getting that win and seeing her Mason running towards her, no better feeling than that.

Q. I know you were wondering if you finished third for the Race. How cool is that to have that for the season? How much were you thinking about that today?
LEXI THOMPSON: I was wondering about it after I finished. I didn't really worry about it during my round. Just a little Race to the CME Globe is such a cool concept. It's not only how we finish in the tournaments, we have a year‑long race going on for the CME Globe and something else on the line. It's great for fans and for us to play for something else.

Q. How do you grade your season? Finished Top‑5?
LEXI THOMPSON: It definitely made it better. Obviously I wanted a win coming into this year. Overall a very consistent year, a lot of Top‑10s and two wins. A lot of positives and just my mental attitude is a lot better this year, which I'm happy about.

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