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November 21, 2015

Ha Na Jang

Naples, Florida

THE MODERATOR: It's my pleasure to welcome in Ha Na Jang into the interview room. Ha Na, tied for the lead going into Sunday. That has to feel pretty good considering how poor you feel. I heard you are a little under the weather. You have to be pretty pleased with yourself today.
HA NA JANG: I think the weather is perfect today but my condition is really bad right now. A little headache and little dizzy. Two times my nose bled today after 12 holes. I think the front nine playing golf is a very difficult round today.
It's really good the back nine today, like No. 10 is very easy and No. 11 is very easy birdie too. Then I loved No. 17 today. It's like a very easy eagle. It's no problem to enjoy the round today.

Q. This is the second time you hold the third round lead going into Sunday. Are you going to be nervous tomorrow?
HA NA JANG: I think today too much thinking when I'm playing golf. I want tomorrow very simple. My thinking is a little changed in my mind. So a little comfortable with my shot tomorrow and then I don't want to think about the score and other players. Just playing myself, so that's it.

Q. Do you know what's wrong? Do you know what you have? Do you have the flu? Do you know what the problem is? Do you have a fever?
HA NA JANG: A little hot weather today. Feels like 95degrees. My nose bled definitely the hot weather. It's not dry this area. I think the hot weather is really bad condition.

Q. Maybe dehydrated a little bit? More water.
HA NA JANG: Every hole, drink more water.

Q. Do you know the fact that you weren't feeling your best helped in that you just focused on each shot at a time and did not let your mind wonder? Do you know the fact that you were sick helped in that you could focus on every shot and not let you mind wonder?
HA NA JANG: I think too much thinking with my shot today. Little switch wind, every hole the wind. Too much thinking and too much focus my shot and a little sick. It's a little bit more ‑‑ feels like‑‑ very comfortable, my feel. It literally is my swing today.
You see No. 16 or No. 15, my tee shot, little move to the left side of my body. I will try again, a little sick. It's no problem, yeah.

Q. Can you take us through the eagle on 17 and what were you facing down by the green on 18?
HA NA JANG: No. 17, second shot is like 206 to front edge. Number 220 maybe to hit the flag. So I'm hit 3‑wood, a little cut fade. It's a very comfortable shot, a little fade. I'm trying a good shot, really nice. I think looks like inside the hole and it hit the flag. My dad, he say you hit the flag. It's a wonderful shot there. I'm very happy with No. 17, yeah.

Q. Then what happened, what were you facing in the front of the green on 18 there? Were you in the mud or?
HA NA JANG: 18 problem is like after the tee shot, my nose bled thetwo times. It's a little bit too much thinking to my second shot, and I think it was 175, 5‑iron into the wind. Chip in, approach shot is too much mud, very wet. Then I try the bunker shot, but it's a little fat so it really affect me at No. 18.
THE MODERATOR: A lot of big names on the leaderboard. A lot of good players. What it's going to take tomorrow to get your first win?
HA NA JANG: I think simple thinking is really a very good idea. Tomorrow I play maybe Cristie Kerr and maybe Lydia orGerina, players really good playing in America. I don't want to think about another player. I'm just playing myself, just simple thinking. Just 18 holes to finish off this year. I don't want to think about another player.
THE MODERATOR: Great job so far. Best of luck tomorrow.

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