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November 21, 2015

Ai Miyazato

Naples, Florida

Q. Another good round today. Got to feel pretty good about where the week is headed?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, I hit the ball well. I didn't have any bad shot in these three rounds, maybe just one driver shot on 17. Including that, I feel really good with my game. My putting has been really good, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Q. How do you assess this season? Has it been a tough one?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, it's been a really struggle year or me. It has been a really long year. I know the golf is not going to be same all the time. It's like same as life, so many ups and downs. You've got to take it and try to move on. That's what I'm going to do right now.
Seems like it's going in the right direction and I'm glad that I feel this way in my last tournament.

Q. What's changed in the last tournament in your game? Is anything different this week?
AI MIYAZATO: Nothing changed actually. It feels like I'm the last one to get into this tournament. I was hoping that I can play this tournament. So I'm actually happy to be here.
Wrapping up this season, it's not really easy, but like I said, it's just doing the same thing like the other tournaments. Hopefully I can have a good finish tomorrow.

Q. Could this be big for next weather, getting the confidence late in the year?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, for sure. Like I said, I feel really happy with my game right now. Hopefully I can go one more day and see what's going to happen.

Q. Ha Na made eagle to go to 14. What do you think it would take tomorrow to win?
AI MIYAZATO: Just keep it going, I think. It's not easy condition out there, but at least I hit the ball well. I handle myself really well. So just do the same thing again tomorrow.

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