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November 21, 2015

Andy Sullivan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Well played today. You looked calm out there. Were you?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I felt pretty calm out there. I got a little bit frustrated through the middle part of the round. Just not quite on point on the golf today. Felt like the putter really saved me the last few holes. 68, the way I played, I was quite happy with that, really. Played a lot better yesterday and only shot two better, so really reasonable with that.

Q. You played with Grillo today and you hit the ball similar distances off the tee. You're playing with the great Rory McIlroy tomorrow and you know he's going to obliterate tee shots. How do you adjust to that?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Knock it in close first. (Laughter).

Q. You're putting well, but when you play with a great champion like that who has power to muscle a golf course, and you have a different style, how do you adjust to that?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I'm playing well, putting really well. So I think for me, it's just a key of trying to give myself as many chances as possible. I know Rory is going to have a good run at it tomorrow. For me, it's about taking them chances for me and to see where we finish. So for me, just looking forward to it, playing with world No. 1 on the last day of the DP World is going to be amazing.

Q. He's a great player and so are you. Can you win it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Of course I can. If I keep putting the way I am and hitting the ball well, I can still do it. I believe in myself, so just see, but it's going to be a good day I think.

I didn't feel like I was that bad, but I just didn't feel like I was hitting it as close as I was yesterday. Last couple of days, literally I've been knocking it a few like three or four shots inside ten feet. I didn't feel like I could give myself that many chances out there today. Holed a lot of good putts on the back nine, a lot of par saves and a couple of good birdie putts. Sometimes you have days like that, and it was windy out there today. I found it quite tough to actually get the ball in the right distance.

On the whole, not playing great, it's a great result for me.

Q. It's one of those scenarios that is familiar in some respects, but being such a huge event, halfway lead, weekend, big crowds, all that kind of thing, and your own army there, just how did that dynamic play on you?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Well, it's just awesome, because I think my golf is pretty flat today and when I holed the putts, really tried to use that as momentum. When I holed that on 15, tried to get them pumped up and it worked. I felt like it was working in my favor really, get them going and felt like it got me going a little bit. If I can use that tomorrow to my advantage, I'll try to take advantage as much as I can. I know Rory will have his own fans out there, probably 90 per cent of them to be fair but my boys make a lot of noise.

Q. What are your thoughts on playing with Rory McIlroy, especially as he's told us that this is, in a sense, massive for him in terms of saving his year to a large degree. It's a beautiful plot line, isn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's great. There's no pressure on me. I'm not expected to win, am I. I can go out there and play golf. No one is going to expecting me to beat him tomorrow. So for me it's a nice position to be in, one in front. I'm going to go out and play golf and enjoy watching the world No. 1 play golf.

Q. When you've been in the mix; you know you've been able to get the job done.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I've done it three different ways this year, and I'll be trying to pull on as much experience as I've got. He's got a little bit more than me, but I'll just go out there and try and do my best and play as good of golf as I can and hopefully the putter stays hot.

Q. Are you viewing tomorrow as potentially the biggest day in your golfing life?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Just another day on the golf course.

Q. Just another day, really?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, of course. I can't put it into magnitude because if I do that, then the pressure is on me and I'll start thinking of winning. It's just another day on the golf course. Try to go out there in as least shots as possible and see what happens.

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