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November 20, 2015

Jennifer Song

Naples, Florida

Q. You have to be very pleased after the first two days for where you are in this tournament, aren't you?
JENNIFER SONG: I'm very pleased because I've never been in contention in a long time. It feels great to be in this position. Definitely excited and tomorrow is moving day, so hopefully I make a lot of putts out there. I feel like my game is right there. So as long as I stay patient and just enjoy the movement, I think I'll be fine.

Q. You said that you haven't been in contention before. Why are you in contention at this tournament? Is there something that you can pinpoint?
JENNIFER SONG: The last couple of weeks that I've been playing in Asian events, I've been in a good flow, playing consistently, under pars and even if I have bad scores, it will be even or 1‑over and then come back with a really low score.
I feel confident about my game. And mentally I think I prepared myself to be stronger. Nothing seems to really bug me at this time. I'm just really enjoying every single moment.

Q. Your mental game in the past, the early bogey that you had today, in the past would you have taken that too much to heart and let it affect you the rest of the day?
JENNIFER SONG: I never used to be an angry player, but over the time I built some bad anger in myself. I learned to throw that out. It's pretty good now.

Q. Why? Why did you have that anger?
JENNIFER SONG: It's just getting inpatient with myself. Inside I kind of know that I can play well, but then these little shots here and there, they would really get me‑‑ buckle me up and I find myself as like a hulk. I get angry as a hulk. I'll be a (indiscernible) going to the next shot. I don't do that anymore. I've been working with a new mental coach and he's been great with me.

Q. What is his name?

Q. Where is he based?
JENNIFER SONG: He's in San Diego.

Q. You guys talk on the phone?
JENNIFER SONG: Talk on the phone. I go visit him. He's like surrogate grandfather for me. I'll go visit. He's my friend. He listens to me. We'll just hang out and have dinner. Just great mentor for me.

Q. Is he someone after a round like today you would talk to?

Q. Just being in contention, would you talk about what that means to you?
JENNIFER SONG: Definitely, just go through the day and he will keep me in a positive state.

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