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November 20, 2015

Ha Na Jang

Naples, Florida

THE MODERATOR: Happy to be joined in the media center by HaNa Jang. Current leader, 10‑under. 7‑under today, what was working for you out there?
HANAJANG: My first time is the pressure right now. A little pressure.
I think it's really good today because the front nine is really good shot and then first hole is a really good iron shot, and then second hole is a really good putt. I think this was very comfortable in my mind and my swing, because too much practice next week.
It's really good play, but No. 16 just a little bit miss. I don't want to think about No. 16 today. Really good score of 65, so I want to feel really good.
THE MODERATOR: The birdie, birdie finish, take us through those last two holes on 17 and 18.
HANAJANG: So I finished at 16‑‑ after the 16th hole, I think about it a little change the mind, like I can do this strong finish, I can do birdie, birdie.
Yesterday, No. 17 is a birdie. Yesterday, No. 18 just a little miss on the putt. So No. 16, after, okay, I got it. Birdie, birdie, I can do this. I talk to my uncle, say I can do this birdie, birdie. So he say you can do this, simple.

Q. Green speeds have been tricky for everyone this week. You seem to have some difficulty, left a couple short, hit a couple past. Is it the grain? What's going on with the greens that everyone's having difficulty getting the speed correct?
HANAJANG: I think this golf course really hard, it's like green speeds, control, No. 16 really bad. It's into the grain, so I try a little bit more speed, but it's my‑‑ my ball is just two or three yards short. So I just think about it into the grain, two or three yard more I want speed. And then little down grain, so I want to try two or three yard more short of my speed. So it's really hard this week.

Q. Is it difficult to keep the line when you know you are having to hit a putt harder to get it to a hole into the grain?
HANAJANG: Yes, correct. I think so, it's really, really difficult these grain, I think so too.

Q. You had that great start at the start of the year, did you expect a win to come a little earlier because you had so much success early? How have you looked at this year?
HANAJANG: Oh, yes, my first thinking is maybe in tournament, the Marathon Classic, I played a playoff with Chella Choi my first time‑‑ I think of too much, I want to be champion, like Marathon Classic. So I don't want to think about it as a leader and then scorer, a lot of player, a lot of lucky. So I just play myself, my thinking to myself, too. I don't want to think about it as like champion.

Q. You were playing with Lydia today. You were saying that she's one of your friends out here, you have been with friends with her for three years. How much golf have you played with her?
HANAJANG: With Lydia?

Q. Yes.
HANAJANG: First with Lydia two years ago in Hanna Bank. She was very leader of play. She is, I think, only 17years old two years ago. She has played really good. Feels like 25years old. It was very surprised. So really good friends, three years with Lydia. Really good today, too every hole that I'm talking to Lydia and then it's no problem today.

Q. So that was a comfortable pairing for you?
HANAJANG: Yes. I.K. Kim, too. So it's a really good playing together with Lydia and I.K. Kim today. So very comfortable.

Q. What do you guys talk about the whole time? We were going to ask what you and Lydia talk about?
HANAJANG: Maybe first talking what did you eat last night. How do you feel this year? So Lydia, she say you come to America, where you living next year? So it's pretty easy question for me. Talking to‑‑ speak Korean.

Q. Can you describe how you felt about your first year here in the United States, just how it's gone for you?
HANAJANG: I play LPGA tour first year this year, so I'm played six years ago and played USGA, so no problem in the U.S. And then world and flying and everything is very fun.
This year my friends come to (indiscernible) really good my friends, because ten years playing together, so it's very comfortable this year, so it's no problem. I'm playing golf, very enjoy this year.

Q. Do you have a home base here or are you planning to establish one next year?
HANAJANG: No. It's my uncle home in San Diego. I stay at my uncle's house. Maybe next year I think about in Dallas and San Diego, just think about it.

Q. With the Olympics coming up next year, and so much competition to make that team, how important is that to you?
HANAJANG: I think the Olympics my whole life. Just one time is my Olympic, second play. So maybe this next year is the first year, right? So I want to play next year. So I'm just a little bit more pressure right now because I may be‑‑ it's No. 6 or 7 Korean player, so I'm just a little bit more work hard, so I need more. It's my whole life.
THE MODERATOR: Great playing, HaNa. Thanks for your time.

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