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November 19, 2015

Jamie Murray

John Peers

London, England, United Kingdom


6-7, 7-6, 16-14

An interview with:



THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Pretty tense to watch. Pretty tense to play?
JAMIE MURRAY: I guess so, yeah. I mean, we had our chance to close out of match, didn't do it. So we're sitting here out of the tournament.

Q. How do you, particularly Jamie, have something important coming up, will you now focus purely on that?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, all thoughts will go towards Belgium now. One last push till the end of the year. Try my best to win a point for the team next Saturday, then put my feet up for a few weeks.

Q. John, midway through the second set, there was a smash from Bob which hit you in the face. You didn't flinch but gave him a look. Was there some needle in the match after that?
JOHN PEERS: Not really. Just thought I had to let him know he could have put it anywhere else, but he put it straight through me. Part of doubles. I was in the right spot at the right time, I just copped it.

Q. Such a successful partnership. An upsetting way to end it?
JOHN PEERS: Yeah, definitely not the way to end it. Definitely got to look at the big picture. We've had a great journey over the past three years. Jamie still has the Davis Cup Final next week. Best of luck for Jamie because I know the rest of the world will be watching him and supporting him and I'll definitely be supporting him in his corner for next week.

Q. John, without wishing to intrude on private grief, talk about the point at 9-8.
JOHN PEERS: I just hit a great return. The ball actually came shorter than I expected. I thought it was going to come a bit deeper. Didn't quite get over the top of the ball unfortunately. Then it sailed long. Probably should have put one back through him, but that's tennis, and unfortunately it happens.

Q. Jamie, talk about the partnership you've had, what it's meant to you.
JAMIE MURRAY: It's been great. Obviously we had lot of success this year, especially the first year we played as well. Yeah, it's been a long journey for us. I think we started around 80 in the world together and finishing up in the top 10, qualifying for the end-of-year Masters here. Lots of great experiences, Grand Slam finals, won a few tournaments as well.

It's been great. Now we're ready to move on to other things. Hopefully we can keep the success we've had this year.

Q. I mean this question with the greatest respect. Have you not had the sense this week when you've been playing so well, chance of being No. 1, where why are you actually splitting up?
JAMIE MURRAY: We've got our reasons. I think it's kind of mutual. I think we're both looking to do something else. That's it. That's life. We take the decision and we move on.

Yeah, I mean, maybe it will turn out to be a good decision, maybe it will turn out to be a bad decision. I don't know. That's what we've come to.

Yeah, we look ahead now and look forward to starting new partnerships with new players.

JOHN PEERS: As Jamie said, we've had a great journey together. I think it was definitely a mutual decision for both of us that we were ready to move on. We've both given each other a great platform to move forward. We wish each other the best. Unfortunately didn't turn out the way we wanted to at the end with this tournament. But we have had a great journey together and we've done a lot of great things. We can't pinpoint this little moment, but we're going to look at the whole picture and say we've had a great journey together and ready to look forward.

Q. John, you're back to Australia now. What does it mean to be nominated for the Newcombe Medal and what would it mean to win something like that?
JOHN PEERS: That was definitely a huge honor and surprise. I got a phone call while I was in Paris. It's been an award which has been definitely been in the top of echelon of Australian tennis players especially since the came about. It would be a huge honor to be able to win it. It was a huge honor to actually get nominated let alone win the award. I haven't really looked past this tournament. Then also it would be a huge bonus to cap off a very good year that both Jamie and I have had.

Q. Jamie, what is your schedule for Davis Cup?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think Sunday we're going to go over to Belgium. The whole team.

Q. Is the whole team going together, maybe not Kyle?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah. Hopefully not Andy, obviously. But I think everyone else will go on Sunday, yeah.

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