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November 20, 2015

Karine Icher

Naples, Florida

KARINE ICHER: I have a new putter, so it feels like it worked better than the other one. I played great. I had many good shots, good yardage. I had many opportunities on the course, so that makes it easier. And just good shots and good putts and went in.

Q. Came together?
KARINE ICHER: Yeah. When everything goes together, I mean, it's a good score for the day.

Q. Anything special about your birdies?
KARINE ICHER: Not really long, long putt like 30, 40‑footer, just like regular birdie putts, like between 10 and 15feet. It was fun. It was fun to play with the other two. I mean, it's two good friends, so it was a nice day.

Q. Just for clarity, new putter today?
KARINE ICHER: Yesterday, too. Beginning of the week, I just changed my putter. I took another one just to try it.

Q. You didn't seem that happy with it on 9 yesterday, which is why I asked. Has it been difficult this week with what's gone on at home?
KARINE ICHER: I mean, it's a difficult time right now. All we can do is think of them and pray for them and that's it. It's really sad, but, unfortunately, I think it's only the beginning and it's really scary, especially for us. We travel all over the world. It can happen anywhere, any time. It's just like being in the wrong place at the wrong time and you are dead. It's really scary. Before we try to be like together and help each other, which is great because we need that, but it's sad that this happens with this country.

Q. Had you been to some of the places that were attacked?
KARINE ICHER: In Paris? Yes.

Q. You were aware of that?
KARINE ICHER: I know them, yeah. It's like public areas where there's a lot of people. That's all they want to do. They want to do bad things where it's crowded.

Q. When are you supposed to go home?
KARINE ICHER: We spend the winter in Florida, so we were not supposed to go home. Right now with all this around, I don't want to say I'm glad to stay here, but I would be afraid to go home.

Q. Do you have friends and family in Paris?
KARINE ICHER: Yes, I do. Hopefully they are safe and doing great. Some of them lost some friends. It's just a difficult time for them.

Q. Outpouring of support?
KARINE ICHER: Yeah, little things to show them that we're with them.

Q. I know you were playing in Mexico when you heard the news?
KARINE ICHER: I was at the clubhouse, I had a phone call from my parents and they told me about all the Paris and the thing was going on.
My husband was in Florida watching the soccer game. They never stopped the soccer game. They just kept going. I think it was the smartest thing to do. Otherwise, like panicking would be not a good idea with 80,000 people.

Q. He was watching that game?
KARINE ICHER: Yes, he was watching that game, France and Germany, because he's a big fan of soccer. You couldn't tell during the game, there's so much noise around you couldn't tell. Then the media went on it and tell what happened.

Q. Athletes always say whether they are a basketball player or football player or whatever, when they are at work it's their sanctuary. Have you found golf to be your sanctuary the last few days?
KARINE ICHER: Oh, yeah. When you are on the golf course, like a tennis player on the court, you have to work. So you try to forget everything else and just focus on your game and you are 100% there.

Q. Lastly, how far is your hometown from Paris?
KARINE ICHER: Two hours.

Q. Where do you live in Florida?

Q. Would it be more special to potentially win this week on the heels of that?
KARINE ICHER: It would be nice just for France, for my country.

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