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November 20, 2015

Inbee Park

Naples, Florida

THE MODERATOR: I'd like to welcome in Inbee Park into the interview room. Inbee, solid day today, 3‑under. Did you feel like a little sense of urgency today? Was there a little bit of game plan there to be aggressive?
INBEE PARK: A lot of the tees were moved up a little bit today, so the course was playing a lot shorter than yesterday. Obviously we had a lot of opportunities at a birdie and the par‑5s were downwind, so we could have got in two for a couple of them. It was definitely scorable out there today.
I played good on the par‑5s today, birdied every par‑5, just haven't played that well on the other holes. Made too many bogeys today, especially the 3‑putt on the last didn't really help. It was a better day than yesterday, but not a great day.
THE MODERATOR: I know last night you had the Rolex awards. Watching like the highlight film, the highlights and things like that, does that get you inspired? Do you look at that stuff and enjoy seeing good play and have a little bit of inspiration today?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, definitely. It's always nice to go to the Rolex dinner and wrap up the year, see a lot of things that we did all year long. It's definitely an extra motivation and inspiration to go out there and play well and obviously nothing was really decided. So it that's a good motivation to play for.

Q. I really hate to open with a negative, but it's so rare that we see you 3‑putt. What happened there?
INBEE PARK: As soon as I hit it, it jumped. I think it went left. I didn't see any spike marks or anything. It just happens on Bermuda greens. You feel like you can hit a good putt, but it can jump on you. Sometimes if you hit against the grain, it can (indiscernible). Luckily, that was the only putt today that actually went like‑‑ had a big jump. My other putts have been pretty good.
I putted a little bit better than yesterday. I made a lot more putts today. So that definitely gives me a possibility that I can putt all right on these Bermuda greens.

Q. You said yesterday that you are not a big fan of putting on Bermuda greens. Have you adjusted to the speed now?
INBEE PARK: The speed was much better today, but sometimes ‑‑ I missed a lot of putts yesterday that was just‑‑ didn't have enough speed on the holes. Just broke at the end.
So I tried to hit the putt a little bit harder today on these greens and it seems like it was working all right. Just the last putt was a little bit unlucky.

Q. Because you've said that you are not‑‑ you don't really play that well on Bermuda or you struggle, is it mentally challenging for you when you know that you are going to an event with Bermuda and how do you approach that?
INBEE PARK: I never play good on sloped or metered greens. Sometimes when they cut the Bermuda really short where the grain doesn't really come into play, I have won the tournament in those conditions before. So hopefully the greens are going to get quicker and it plays a little bit less grains. But these greens are very grainy.
I always knew that it was a big challenge to play well this week, but, yeah, you know, I've got to overcome a lot of things this week. That is definitely one big thing that I need to overcome.

Q. Did you notice at any point out there how Lydia was doing?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, definitely watched the leaderboard a couple times when I'm playing. It seems like she's doing really well out there today. I know she played well yesterday as well. She seems like she really likes this golf course. I've got to start liking it a little bit more for tomorrow.

Q. What are some Bermuda tracks that you have won on?
INBEE PARK: Taiwan. It's different to like Asia Bermuda greens and actual Florida, Bahamas, those greens are a little bit different Bermuda. Those are Bermuda greens, but they are not as grainy. Like Singapore, Taiwan, I've won. Those two weeks. Those were a lot less grainy, I think. They are a little bit thicker. A little bit different. Florida greens, I never won in Florida.

Q. You spend so much time here?
INBEE PARK: I did. It's been very tough. Maybe it doesn't really suit my putting stroke. I have got to hit it closer and try to tap it in for birdie.
THE MODERATOR: Strategy for the weekend? Are you happy with the position you are in? Obviously made some movement up the leaderboard today?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, I'm slowly moving up the leaderboard. Started not that great yesterday, but obviously better day today. I've got to work on these greens and get the speed right and get the breaks right. I feel pretty good about the ball striking. I'm giving myself a lot of opportunities at birdie, which is a good thing.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you for coming in. Great job today.

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