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February 2, 2006

Tiger Woods


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you, Tiger, very much for joining us in here today. You got off to a great start out there. So how was it out there for you today?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you couldn't have asked for a better start than that what happened, but after that, didn't really do much after a couple birdies and a bogey.

10 was still playing so easy today, dead downwind, either driver and probably like a 7 or 8 iron or 3 wood and probably 3 or 4 iron in there. Pretty easy birdie and didn't do bad, made 6. That would have been nice to get it going there on the back nine. Although I'm very pleased, good start, still right there and got the early morning time tomorrow.

Darren and I are great friends and Henrik and I are becoming friends. So it's that's always fun playing with Darren. Today, he struggled a little bit today, but he scored really well.

Q. What happened on the 10th, you had a driver off the tee?

TIGER WOODS: I did. I hit driver off the tee, I lost it to the right, I was underneath the tree, pitched outside ways, didn't get to the fairway. I hit an 8 iron from there, and ended up in the rough. Pitched up there to about 15 feet short of the hole and left it on the lip.

Q. Your first time playing with Henrik Stenson, what were your impressions of him?

TIGER WOODS: I played with him in the final round at the AMEX.

Q. Can you give us your impression of Henrik Stenson then? (Laughter)?

TIGER WOODS: He's got an inordinate amount of talent. You can see that. We're about the same age. He hits the ball a long ways. He's come a long way in the last couple of years.

Q. Two parter. First what did you hit on 11? Great shot, by the way.

TIGER WOODS: A little 7 iron.

Q. And I was wondering about your course management on 10, you hit driver and then you hit driver again on 12. Henrik was hitting 3 wood. Wondering what was in your mind when you took driver off 10?

TIGER WOODS: I was trying just to hit a little one. That's one of the reasons why I lost it to the right, just trying to hit a low little fade out there and not hit a big one and try to get it down there towards the end. Yeah, if it is in the rough, still got a 7 or 8 iron into the green, but didn't quite work out that way.

And on 12, I always hit driver there into the wind. Henrik hits his 3 wood a long way. I don't hit quite hit the ball as far as that with my 3 wood. But 12, just a driver down the left side like I normally do. I just pulled it.

Q. Can you give us an idea of how you cope with the changing time zones when you play on the West Coast of America on Sunday and here in the Middle East on Thursday? The very time frame means it's a shorter amount of time anyway, but yet here you are 4 under.

TIGER WOODS: I guess that's why you work out as hard as you do, or as hard as I do, so that you get over it quicker. The more in shape you are, the easier it is to get over jetlag. I guess the first person to do that was Gary Player. He was always a big believer in working out, and he traveled more than any other golfer that's ever played, so he did a pretty good job of it.

Q. The lovely shot you hit at 11, is that something you've been working on in particular?

TIGER WOODS: Just a little low one in there. That's something that Hank and I have been working on since the very beginning. It's just to do it properly, that's the key.

Q. If the wind stays down like it did today, do you have an idea of what the winning score was going to be?

TIGER WOODS: It will be pretty low. The greens are perfectly smooth out there and on top of that, pin locations are not tight to the sides. The times we come over here to Europe, it's a little bit easier than it is in the States. You'll see the guys play some low scores.

Q. Goosen said he didn't play well, just putts, that's going to be crucial on Sunday.

TIGER WOODS: We saw that in the shootout on Tuesday, so that doesn't surprise me he made everything. (Laughing).

The greens are perfectly smooth. They are just a little bit grainy in the afternoon, so just have to be a little bit careful on the grain and make sure you allow or make sure you have an understanding of where it's going.

Q. When you reached 30, was there any sense of reevaluating things, or just in particular, with being a global golfer, are you going to travel the world as much as you always have?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I am. That won't change until I have kids, and then obviously it will be different. My responsibilities will certainly change. The dynamics of my life will change dramatically, but not until then.

Q. Mentioned family, is that something you'll put off until you've achieved certain goals?

TIGER WOODS: Well, whenever Elin and I decide to do it, that's when it will happen. But it will be our decision and whenever we decide to do it.

Q. Before you go, can you just run through the distance of those two putts early on, and also the club and the distance for the eagle, please?

TIGER WOODS: No. 2 I hit driver down there and just had a little flip 60 in there and hit it to about ten feet and made it.

3, I hit a driver and a 4 iron just over the green and had about a 40 foot chip and holed it.

Then on 4, I hit a little 7 iron just left of the hole about 20 feet and made that.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Tiger, thank you very much indeed.

End of FastScripts.

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