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November 20, 2015

Andy Sullivan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. A second consecutive round of 66, this is your job but made it look like you had an awful lot of fun. How much fun?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I think it's just been a common theme all year. That's one of the reasons why we played so well, me and Mac just really go out there and enjoy. It's obviously a lot easier to enjoy it when I'm playing as well as I am. I think it just works hand and hand with it, really.

Q. You holed some incredible putts, 12, 14, but describe the one on 18 in front of that audience?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's been an incredible round all day with the crowd and the putts been going in. But the one on 18, I felt like even though I holed a lot, missed a couple of short ones there on that back nine, just thought if I could top one off here it would be great. Great big swinging left-to-right, just to drop in the front, it was absolutely awesome.

Q. Talking about the fans, you have Team Sully, about 30 of your mates, making an awful lot of noise. How much are you feeling off their energy they are providing, because it's tremendous.
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's massive and probably a key part of me playing well this week because they just keep going. Even when you start hitting a few wayward shots, things start going, the adrenaline gets going and absolutely fantastic. They was awesome in sport balance and have been absolutely fantastic this week, as well.

There's a lot of good guys going to be chasing me over the weekend and I'm sure they are going to come at me, so for me, it's just try and do what I did today, be patient and try to play my game and not worry about anyone else.

Q. Halfway lead, that must feel very, very nice.
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's absolutely awesome, to be leading after halfway in such a massive event, it's incredible. Just happy I'm doing it in front of my fans so keep them happy for the weekend anyway.

Q. You're always known for having a broad smile on your face. There was plenty of cause today, particularly with several putts on the back nine of real length that dropped for you?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I felt like I played really good the front nine without holing a massive amount, and then I think the one on 12 up the hill, holed a long one there. Putter just seemed to get crazy hot from there and everything I looked at pretty much went in.

It's a nice feeling when it happens like that. I'm sure it might not be for the weekend but that's just about me handling it out there really and trying to just control things and if the putter doesn't get hot, just try to hit as many good shots as possible.

Q. Tell me about Sully's Army.
ANDY SULLIVAN: There's 30 and they are absolutely brilliant. They have followed me about six or seven times this year and every time they have been there, I've done pretty well. So I think I am going to have to start paying for them to come out every week now.

Q. It must be of great assistance when you're hearing roars that perhaps other players are not getting.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, of course. You just feel like everyone's behind you and you feel like you're really using that as momentum. Used well today. Felt a bit static through holes 8, 9, 10, 11, and hole a massive one and the crowd get while and you feel like you're pushing on from there. I think it's massive to use that to my advantage.

Q. It's obviously been a huge year for you and a huge weekend ahead and it's a big, big tournament. So how do you view the weekend in the context of the year you've had?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Just go out there and play golf as I have been. I think for me it's not time to reflect on the year I've had. I have got another two more rounds before I can do that, and then it's the end of the year and it's time for me to reflect on things then. So then for me, have to work and in two more days and then I can relax.

Q. A lot to play for in terms of World Rankings and events that could open the door to next year.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. Try not to think about that too much this week. Just go out there and play well the way I can and it will all take care of itself hopefully. For me, just go out there and try to play with a smile on my face and keep the crowd roaring.

Q. Have you always been the smiley type?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, I'm normally miserable (laughter). I think it's just a lot of things. Obviously before I turned professional, I worked at Asda, and having a little girl put a massive perspective on life. And I think this is my dream and I've always wanted to do it. If I can't enjoy that, what can I enjoy. I think it's just one of them things, I couldn't imagine doing anything else. So if I can't enjoy it, I'd best go and do something else. Go back to stacking shelves at Asda I think.

Q. How long were you doing that for?
ANDY SULLIVAN: A couple of years.

Q. Straight after school?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, I didn't want to do that. Mom made me get it when I was about 20. Yeah, she forced me into it. But if you probably asked them, they would probably say I was only there for about six months because I was in the changing room sleeping half the time.

Q. Was that because you were practising hard at other times?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, I was in there, had to go in at five in the morning and finish at 10 so I could play golf. So yeah, a few times, turned up with a bit of a hangover, seeing as I had to work the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday so most of the time spent time sleeping.

Q. The people outside that were following you, is it just mates or your family?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, my mom and dad and aunt and uncle and good friends from the golf club are out there supporting me.

Q. You Tweeted about somebody who made the point that you're the only person to win three times on Tour this year and yet you have no chance to win The Race to Dubai. What are your thoughts on that?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Should have won five. Just one of them things. The events I won at the start of the year obviously were not as big as points as the ones -- the thing is, when you're a golfer, you schedule your year around playing the big events well.

Unfortunately, I won a couple of the smaller events and not played as well in some of the bigger events I should have played in. The point is there to be had but just one of them things you have to deal with. I'm not disappointed by winning three times and know I have no chance to win the Order of Merit. I won three times. So it's just one of them things I think.

Q. You played with Rory, didn't you, at the start of the year?

Q. I just wonder how that sort of helped towards the rest of the year, because you played with him and Martin and you played well. I just wonder how much confidence did that give you for the rest of the year.
ANDY SULLIVAN: It was massive. First round, I couldn't believe I got drawn with him to start with at that time of the year. And to play the way I did with him just gave me confidence to go on and say I can compete with these guys. For me just try to kick on and use that to my advantage.

Q. What sort of party would it be with the Sully Army if you did prevail on Sunday?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Got to keep that 1-under the hat I think. Got to keep the champagne on ice. After Portugal, it's going to have to be pretty big I think.

Q. A bit mad?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It was a bit crazy, yeah. It was all good fun.

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