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November 19, 2015

Lydia Ko

Naples, Florida

Q. There were a couple of errant shots. You missed a couple left. What was going on there.
LYDIA KO: I didn't really have the most perfect tee shot off No. 1 and then I didn't hit one of the best par‑3 shots on 6 or 5 or whatever. I got lucky, I was able to punch something out on 1, and then on that par‑3, it was playable so I got myself back in position, tried to make a par but then not do something silly.
I think my bad shots, I got lucky. I didn't read the greens as great as I wanted to. It's tough out there. Sometimes there's these multi‑slopes and with the grain it doesn't make it any easier.

Q. You hit a lot of the putts of the right speed today. You have to take some solace that your speed is good?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I feel confident. To know that I've got some sort of good speed, I'm putting a good stroke on it, that's all I can do. If it goes in, that's great. If it doesn't, it's a mystery. I can't hole them all. If I putt solid strokes, it makes that percentage a lot higher.

Q. At what point during this week do you say I've got to think about winning golf tournament or do you say I've got all these awards out there and I need to focus a little bit on them?
LYDIA KO: You know, I was talking to David and Sean, we said just 100% commitment and 100% Lydia. That's what Sean texted me. Just play my own game. David this morning said, hey, just concentrate on my game. Somebody shoots 6‑under, 7‑under, I still have a pretty solid round, I can't do much about it. All I can do is try and hit solid shots and put myself in good positions.

Q. Do you think 3‑under is a solid Lydia round?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I think it's better than last year.

Q. 2‑under last year.
LYDIA KO: There you go. Especially coming down the stretch, anything can happen. 18, No. 9, it's not the easiest holes coming in. I just got to hit a solid tee shot and make a good par like I did today.
But it's not easy out there. I mean, obviously there are some birdies, but there are holes where if you are coming off of with a par, you say thank you and just walk out of there.

Q. Inbee said she doesn't like Bermuda greens, do you?
LYDIA KO: I like Bermuda better than (indiscernible). There you go. I haven't played well in the‑‑ I didn't putt so well in the two (indiscernible) greens like we play in Hawaii or Bahamas or China. China was one of the worst putting weeks ever.
I putted well in Taiwan and that was Bermuda. Malaysia was Bermuda, I think. That's the cool thing about it and that's the cool thing about golf. It's not the same grass. We've got 14 different clubs, we've got different greens. With the weather, that plays a huge factor. It's part of it. Especially if you come to the East Coast, you are going to get Bermuda. You can't expect perfect bent grass. I think Bermuda is much tougher than bent, especially around the greens because it's so grainy and you can't hit it like a normal chip shot.

Q. Does this week feel like a major to you with so much on the line in terms of pressure?
LYDIA KO: I don't know. It might be our sixth major, I don't know.

Q. For you personally?
LYDIA KO: I mean, obviously there's‑‑ if you think about it, it might be more on the line this week than at Avian. I have got to think of it as another tournament. That's what I said for all the majors. I've got to focus on one shot at a time and not think of it as it's a major so it's more special. Obviously it is at the end of the day, but it's another tournament. We've got the world's best golfer and the top players are here. I mean, it's a great field, so in a way it does feel like a major. With everything that might come along on Sunday, might be even more than that. I just got to say, hey, hit good shots.

Q. How about the time commitments away from the golf course? Is it more or less with than that major with all the events going on?
LYDIA KO: The more questions you ask me, really depends.

Q. There's always that.
LYDIA KO: No, I mean, I think it's same. Even in Asia, I did press conferences. I think the same, but I guess a little of the extra stuff I did maybe with ESPN or whatever. Everything else is the same. I'm going to see (indiscernible) and all that. So nothing really changed out of the schedule.

Q. Sei Young said she's very nervous for tonight, her speech. Any advice?
LYDIA KO: I said I might need a vodka. Who knows, she might need a tequila or whatever. I'm just happy I'm not doing a speech. I think yesterday was the first time where I knew I needed to make a speech, but I didn't prepare myself with cue cards. I just tried to go with it. Obviously it's nerve wracking. I find it fine talking to a camera, but like when there's a lot of people it gets the nerves. It's cool.
I'm sure she'd rather be making the speech than not making the speech.

Q. Nice problem to have, right?
LYDIA KO: I think the Louise Suggs Rookie of the Year award is pretty special, especially have that award named after Louise, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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