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November 19, 2015

Gerina Piller

Naples, Florida

Q. What was working with your game today? What did you have for breakfast?
GERINA PILLAR: I started with a strong set of scrambled eggs, a little bit of cheese. I had some oatmeal, pecans, brown sugar. I sat down at the table and all the caddies around me said, dang, are you going to eat all that?
I think I've been hitting the ball pretty well for the last couple weeks. And I switched clubs last week, my irons and wedges to PXG.
Just couldn't get the putter going. The greens, the poa anna, they're really quick. On the front nine, I hit eight greens and made one birdie and got up‑and‑down on nine. So wasn't really too exciting on the front nine, but I figured something out with my putter on the back nine. I was hitting it great, about six to eight feet and making putts.

Q. How did the PXG thing start? Is that new clubs, new deal or have you always hit those?
GERINA PILLAR: No. I hit TaylorMade irons and just an opportunity that came. And so after Korea, I flew to Scottsdale and got fitted for them.
I'm a really strong person, so I'll try it. If it's not significantly better than what I have, there's no chance in switching. I liked them and just thought last week was a good week to put them in play, especially being a competition. No cuts. So I was really impressed.

Q. Is that pretty unusual for you to put a new club in in the middle of the season?
GERINA PILLAR: If it's significantly better when I give it a shot, I think there's no reason to not do it. I did it this year with a hybrid at Kraft. If it's going to help my game and I know it's going to help my game, I have no problem putting things in in the middle of the season.

Q. What does it take to succeed around here? There's no rough, a lot of water everywhere, what does it take?
GERINA PILLAR: For one, patience. And you just got to miss it in the right areas. Chipping is a little tougher out here. It's really grainy. I think for me just my distance is definitely a big advantage just because usually it's a north wind. The last few holes are downwind. This year they're into the wind. The course is definitely playing different and playing longer, so I think distance definitely helps.

Q. You don't see a ton of Bermuda throughout the season either on the greens, do you?
GERINA PILLAR: No. Obviously Florida, the tropical places, like Bahamas, Hawaii. Yeah, I mean, they are rolling good. It doesn't really have an effect. They get a little spikey around the hole.

Q. Is it tight off the tee out there? I saw the final two groups go through and saw three provisionals off the first tee?
GERINA PILLAR: It can get a little tight if the wind is blowing a good number. Some tee shots are tighter and some tee shots aren't. So I would say probably half the holes were (indiscernible) off the tee.

Q. Are you ready for the season to be over?
GERINA PILLAR: I'm definitely ready. I can't wait to see my family and my husband and eat lots of food.

Q. What's the plans?
GERINA PILLAR: Going to New Mexico for Thanksgiving and hang out with the family, brother and sister and mom and dad. Eat lots of green chilli and Mexican food.

Q. Throw a line in the water?
GERINA PILLAR: I don't know. Might be too cold. I don't know. Might do a little coyote hunting. We're big hunters, so maybe might do something like that. We're definitely going up to the mountains. Probably do some arrowhead hunting and s'more making.

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