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November 19, 2015

Mi Hyang Lee

Naples, Florida

Q. Seems like first rounds have been your thing. What do you credit that to?

Q. No. Just this year. You've had some good really low rounds?
MI HYANG LEE: I don't know. Just keep playing and then playing with another good player, awesome players. So I'm having fun. So I keep playing. I don't know why, just keep playing.

Q. How was today? What was working out there?
MI HYANG LEE: Eight birdies, I think that's awesome, great. I made like three bogeys, that's a little‑‑ I want to make‑‑ I can save the par, but it's an easy chip I missed. So that's a little sad for me. But still good playing, so I want to keep it up for tomorrow.

Q. Was it the putter hot? Was it the ball striking?
MI HYANG LEE: The ball, I like the putts.

Q. What does it take out here? Doesn't seem like distance has been an indicator one way or the other on this golf course.
MI HYANG LEE: I think the long hitter is pretty good. Pretty short par‑5s. We have two short par‑5s. I think green has a grain, so you need a good read of the green. That's a key point.

Q. How comfortable are you on Bermuda greens?
MI HYANG LEE: I live in South Carolina. So I'm practicing last week, my golf, so I think a little help for me today.

Q. Was it nice to have a week off? You played eight weeks straight in a row?
MI HYANG LEE: Seven weeks in a row. I lose like ten pounds. After I am losing weight, I am feel like I'm so tired. I did a lot of eating last week in my home. That's better for this week.

Q. That was the first time you had been to Columbia since the flooding, right?
MI HYANG LEE: Yeah, my house is not a problem. A little high but‑‑

Q. Did you notice any difference in the town?
MI HYANG LEE: So wet across the road, they give instruction like that. So a little sad for that.

Q. You did some eating last week. Did you do any practicing or take the week off?
MI HYANG LEE: Actually, it was good weather, so no more rain. A little chilly in the morning, so I'm just rest in the morning. Then just some short game in the afternoon.

Q. The weather is not supposed to be great tomorrow. Is that something you prepare for and think about tomorrow? Do you think that will change the way people play?
MI HYANG LEE: We played in China and British and there were a lot of rainy days in the Asia swing. I think it's fine. Better than that one.

Q. What is your plan in the offseason?
MI HYANG LEE: Actually, I have tournament next week, a little even in Korea.

Q. The KLPGA thing?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes. So I'm back to Korea next Monday and play the tournament. After that tournament I'm off without golf, maybe one‑month break.

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