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November 19, 2015

Alison Lee

Naples, Florida

Q. I heard you've got finals in two weeks and this is kind of like the final exam for the LPGA season, too, right?
ALISON LEE: I guess so. This is like the final exam. To be honest, I didn't think I prepared well enough for this, but I'm really happy with the way I played today.
I've been really busy with everything since Korea, with school and trying to balance golf with all that. I'm having fun with it, but it's hard. Like I said, I'm having fun. I'm just trying to have a good time and stay positive.

Q. You played the first two in Asia and then you went back for three weeks?
ALISON LEE: Our. I skipped four tournaments. As soon as I got back, I was behind on school, obviously missing two weeks in a row. So I've been doing that and then obviously like sorority stuff, trying to take care of all that and go to the events.

Q. Be a normal college student?
ALISON LEE: Exactly, trying to be a normal college student. So yeah, I put a couple practice hours in right before. I hit it really solid today, so hopefully I can keep that going. Overall, I'm just really happy.

Q. What was working out there for you? Your game?
ALISON LEE: I feel like I was just striking the ball really well. I just felt confident hitting the ball. I was able to hit good shots and get it close to the pin. I hit good drives, so I didn't miss the fairway at all today. I felt like that was the key.

Q. This is the last event, how do you think this rookie season is going?
ALISON LEE: I'm very happy. Obviously it was a tough rookie class, a lot of good competition. Obviously every rookie has the eye on Player of the Year or Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get that. Obviously Sam had a great phenomenal year with three wins.
I can't complain about that. I was able to play in the Solheim Cup, able to get a few Top‑10s, get my name out there, so I'm happy.

Q. How many events do you think you will be able to play next year?
ALISON LEE: I'm going to try to do the same amount, try to do a full schedule. I'm going to be missing a couple here and there, but hopefully not too much.

Q. How is the semester going school wise? Being back four weeks without having golf, is that easier to do school?
ALISON LEE: It's okay. This quarter I'm taking three class. I've literally been busy with the sorority, I had to go to a business trip to the East Coast for a couple of days. A little here and there. I'm not going to lie, I'm struggling in one of my classes, like struggling a lot.

Q. That's understandable.
ALISON LEE: I still have a couple more weeks of school left, so right after this I'm going to be offseason, so I'm going to have two or threeweeks to‑‑ I don't have to worry about golf.

Q. What do your friends think about your life? It's a little different?
ALISON LEE: My golf friends or college friends?

Q. Your normal college friends. You are traveling around the world, you make this money?
ALISON LEE: They think my life is so easy. They're like, you are so cool, you get to travel the world. I'm like, let's trade. But it's nice because a lot of my friend in college, they don't play golf or know much about golf, so when I'm with them, it's refreshing. Whenever I'm with them, I can be myself. I don't have to be ALISON the golfer. I'm just ALISON.

Q. Has there been any points in this season where you are like why am I trying to do both?
ALISON LEE: Definitely, I was like oh, my God, I can't believe I'm doing this. It's not that I don't want to do this, it's just, wow, I can't believe I'm doing this. It's always been my plan to graduate. Turning pro early was something that was not in the plan. It was kind of a spontaneous decision of mine because I thought I was ready. I don't regret turning pro at all. I'm really happy that I did, but definitely college was something that I always wanted to finish, especially after spending a year there, after meeting all the people there, having all the experiences there, I knew I wanted to‑‑ I want to hold onto this for as long as I can.

Q. Think you can do this without your mom?
ALISON LEE: I've been doing it without my mom so far.

Q. I thought she was at almost all your events?
ALISON LEE: Not really. She came to probably half. She probably came to about half of them. It's nice to have her here, especially my rookie year because I'm new out here. My mom is really chill. Her and I will do a bunch of other stuff. We'll go watch a movie together or go on food adventure or something.

Q. When you first got out here, you said you didn't know many of the girls. How is that coming along?
ALISON LEE: Especially like playing Solheim Cup and getting on another level with some of the girls. Like I said, reconnecting with a lot of the girls that I played junior golf with. So it's a lot more fun. It's nice to see friends out here that you know will be right there for you.

Q. Who are some of the girls you've enjoyed getting to know over the last year?
ALISON LEE: Getting to know? What do you mean?

Q. Just become friendly with?
ALISON LEE: I would say Gerina and Angela. They are very interesting characters and I love them. They are different from Texas, different‑‑

Q. Different vibes than the So Cal?
ALISON LEE: Definitely. It's been cool to get to know them and see a different side to golf and other people than I'm used to.

Q. How many more credits do you need?
ALISON LEE: I'm a little over halfway done, so this is my third year. So hopefully by June of 2017, I'll be done. Hopefully.

Q. What will you do when you only have golf?
ALISON LEE: I don't know. It's really weird. I'll think of something.

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