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November 19, 2015

Jeff Overton

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Let's talk about really good day for you. I know you were a little ticked off after No. 8, but what a tremendous bounce-back at 9. That had to make you feel great.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah. It was a great way to -- any time you birdie the last hole when you're playing good it's always great to end the rounds. Stinks when you make a bogey late and then par.

But finish strong and you take a good round and make to a great round out if it. So it was good to kind of hang in there at the last hole.

Q. Followed you all day. I thought you hit it great. You got to feel good about where the game is right now. That wasn't a fluke out there.
JEFF OVERTON: No, I've been hitting it very well. Last few weeks my scores haven't been very indicative of my score. But I've been playing really good. Just haven't been making putts.

Got on some greens I feel really comfortable with and made a bunch of putts today. Left a couple out there, but you're always happy with 64s, and when you're hitting the ball straight and making putts it's just a lot of fun.

Feels good. You don't feel like you're playing defense with the putter.

Q. Do you think you caught the Sea Side course on a good day? There wasn't a lot of wind out there.
JEFF OVERTON: You know, the first nine holes, I have never seen this place that calm. It was eerie. Had to tee up in case the wind gets blowing on, what is it, 13 or something?

Hit pitching wedge in there, and usually you're hitting driver, 5-iron in there. I'm sure they had the tee up just because if the wind gets thumping tomorrow in the afternoon or whatever it's almost not fair because the guys won't even be able to get to the green hardly.

With that being said, I definitely took advantage of the opportunities. Every hole that the tee was up I think I made birdie on today, all they holes. That's huge.

Q. Talk about tomorrow. New course.

Q. Four par-5s though, so you've got to be looking forwards to that.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah. You know, I haven't seen it yet. I played the back nine. Just been such a long year and didn't get out there on the front yesterday. So hopefully just keep hitting some good drives down the middle and making some putts.

Q. I think you got a good thing going. Keep it going.
JEFF OVERTON: All right. Sounds good, my man.

Q. We didn't really know what to expect with the conditions of the golf course today. Still, what you did out there looked very good. How special was it in your mind?
JEFF OVERTON: I mean, I played very solid tee-to-green. I have been hitting the ball extremely well, probably as good as I have ever hit it last six weeks or so.

Last week I probably led the tournament in pars made; I just couldn't make putts. Today we finally got some of those 12-, 15-footers to go in the hole.

You're always excited whenever you're hitting a lot of greens and giving yourself good looks. That is what I have been able to do lately. Feeling a little bit more comfortable with the putter, and it's nice seeing the ball go in the hole rather than roll over the edge.

Q. I know you want to get back to the caliber of golf that you were playing. How important would a good showing here this week, not only for finishing of the year, but maybe building momentum in 2016?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, absolutely. In the fall times it always seems like I've played some of my best golf. I haven't really gotten anything out of what I've done so far this year.

(Plane interference.) And stuff you feel a lot more comfortable because you can really kind of give it a go and come out of the gate the next part of the year.

Hopefully I would like to keep things going. 64 would be nice, but gonna have some hiccups here and there.

Just got to keep playing good and hopefully we can finish it off really well.

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