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November 19, 2015

Kevin Kisner

Sea Island, Georgia

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome our leader of the RSM Classic, Kevin Kisner, after 7-under par 65.

Just a tremendous opening round for you. If we could get some comments.

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, it was a good day. Golf course was susceptible to low scores. It's prepared more for tomorrow than today I think with the winds in the forecast.

So the par-5s were gettable, and a lot of wedge shots into the par 4s. I felt like I played solid, and nice way to finish with an eagle on 8 and up and down on the last.

THE MODERATOR: Can't let it pass without mentioning that you coached the PGA TOUR players to a 7 to 6 win over the wives in the annual whiffle ball classic Tuesday.

KEVIN KISNER: I did. Pretty disappointing that we had to go to extra innings, isn't it?

Nah. We had a good time. Told my wife I was 1-0 against her as manager. Maybe next year.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Questions.

Q. (No microphone.)
KEVIN KISNER: Everybody thought they should be a vice captain, I believe. The best was trying to tell the kids it wasn't their turn to battle because it was their turn every time.

That was my biggest challenge as manager.

Q. While you're at it, would you mind running through and give us the shots on the eagle.
KEVIN KISNER: Eagle I hit a good drive and 3-wood about 25 feet past the hole in the fringe and made it.

Q. As a Georgia guy, what's your best Sea Island memory just from before you were on tour?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, winning the SEC Championship together as a team at Georgia. We did it twice, my sophomore and senior year, I believe.

It was always fun playing Sea Side and playing well as a team.

Q. How comfortable are you with the Plantation course versus Sea Side?
KEVIN KISNER: I would be more comfortable with Sea Side I think knowing what's out there. Obviously I think it's more difficult, but I've played a lot more rounds on Sea Side.

Actually hadn't played -- the back nine I played first today in probably ten years.

Q. So were you pleasantly surprised going out and shooting a 7-under on Plantation today?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, completely. I noticed I was probably a little better at golf now than I was the last time I played it, because I thought a lot of the holes were a lot harder than they were.

THE MODERATOR: Four runner-up finishes in your last 19 starts. Talk a little bit about the stretch you've been on and how important it is for you to get into the winners circle?

KEVIN KISNER: The goal is always to win, but I always judge how I play on how I do on Sunday coming down the stretch when I have a chance to win.

I haven't been disappointed in any stretch of golf coming down the stretch to have a chance. I always rate myself on that. I've just gotten beat a few times, so hopefully I'll have a chance coming down a with couple-shot lead on Sunday.

Q. Was HSBC your first time in Asia?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, first time ever being there.

Q. What does it mean traveling that far and playing that well? How much confidence does that give you now?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I guess it shows my game travels a little bit. Probably more comfortable once we got to China, second week over there. Just getting -- you know, first day in Malaysia was Wednesday playing golf and everything felt a little off.

But China, I kind of got into the swing of things and felt more comfortable in my body over there.

Q. Having Sea Side three days in a row now, do you feel like that gives you a little bit of an advantage?
KEVIN KISNER: I'm interested to see what the scores will be tomorrow if the wind blows like they're forecasting. You know, north wind, neither course is really made to play a north wind. I think that's probably the hardest wind to play Sea Side in.

So I'm hoping they move the tees up on that course like they did over here, or maybe it just doesn't blow at all and we can make a bunch of birdies.

Q. How was the body adjustment from Asia, and what did you do to kill the hours away at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning?
KEVIN KISNER: I didn't get past 4:00 a.m. until Tuesday of this week. It was like nine days here and I was starving every time I woke up. I didn't want to eat breakfast so I was down there making turkey sandwiches at 4:00 a.m.

My wife wasn't thrilled with that.

Q. What are you going to do in the off-season? Nothing? Do you have other hobbies?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah. I got a trip planned to the Bahamas with some friends, and a duck hunting trip with David Toms the week after that.

Then Christmas and off the races again. Yeah, that's about it.

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