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November 19, 2015

Davis Love III

Dru Love

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Davis, you said prior to today you were going to be more nervous watching Dru than you were going to be out there playing yourself. Was that the case?
DAVIS LOVE III: I was nervous on the first hole for him. I was kind of flustered getting myself together and finding my scorecard and getting organized.

He hit it right down the middle, and really after that hole I wasn't as nervous for him. He kind of settled in real quick and played well. I just got playing bad and tired, and that was more my focus.

But it was fun to watch him. It was incredible to see that he kept it together and played well really well on his first PGA TOUR event?

Q. Dru, you birdied your very first hole at a PGA TOUR event. What will you remember about this day?
DRU LOVE: Just the experience of being out there with him, and especially watching some of the best players right now, dad is one, Justin has won this season, so to get to play those guys that are playing is well is really good for me to see how it's done.

Q. Would you like to do it again? I know you're going to do it tomorrow, but after this event.
DAVIS LOVE III: Oh, yeah. I hope that he's another one these kids that comes out here and is chasing me off.

I hit a really good drive at 15 and I think Dru was 20 by me and Justin was 40 by me. I was like, Oh, they're going to run me out eventually.

No, it's fun to watch Dru play. He played really, really well. We both hit a couple bad drives and we both missed a couple putts or would've been under par and kind of in the hunt.

So I was proud of him. Heck of a first day. With everything good morning on around our family and him getting in this tournament and all the attention, I thought he handled it really well and played a good round of golf.

Q. Who was more nervous on the first tee this morning?
DRU LOVE: He was.

DAVIS LOVE III: Definitely me. I was a little flustered. I was running late and nervous for him and knew getting off to a good start was going to be important. He hit it right down the middle and he hit it stiff and made a birdie and I quit worrying about him and started worrying about me a little bit more.

Q. Dru, was there a little bit on the line? You get out of chores if you beat dad today?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, we didn't have anything, but I think if one of us had won it would've made dinner taste a little bit better. That's about it.

Q. Dru, you've had success here. Won a Georgia AM. Play a lot of golf around here. What are the secrets to playing the Seaside course well?
DRU LOVE: Just keeping it in front of you. If you hit fairways you can attack some pins around here. They can tuck them behind bunkers and up into corners, so if you get in the fairway you can really get after it.

Q. Davis, have you as dad told the son all the secrets?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Well, I try to help him along a little bit. He's been playing really well. He's got great coaching all around from Alabama to here at Sea Island and even a tip from Butch Harmon a couple weeks ago.

I'm learning to stay out of his way, because he's got a lot of ability. I just point him in the right direction.

Now, I saw some things out there today that I can help him to be a better PGA TOUR player. Really don't know what to do if you've never done it before. He's watched a lot.

Helping him get ready with his yardages and helping him learn the little tricks around the golf course. I can certainly help with that and course strategy.

He's bigger and stranger than me. I ought to try to learn something from him as well.

Q. You made the big announcement yesterday, the first three vice captains, assistant captains, I guess. Just your thoughts on that.
DAVIS LOVE III: It was an exciting day. I think I was more nervous starting that press conference yesterday than I was on the first tee today. Obviously that's pretty big news for us, that we're going to get started this early and announce more vice captains.

Tom Lehman right off the bat, which was a big change. I think obviously Steve and Jim were a big step for us. When you throw Tiger Woods' name in there, obviously shows that we're serious about it this time.

I was a little bit nervous. Glad we got it out of the way. Tiger has been great. Jim, Steve, Tom. Phil Mickelson has been supporting us on this and giving me a lot of help.

Obviously I've got a lot of input behind me, and that's been fun.

Q. Dru, last one. Will there be something now on the 18 holes against dad?
DRU LOVE: Maybe. Might try to find something tonight to make it a little more interesting. I just love being out here. It's a great experience and just trying to have fun.

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