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November 17, 2015

Joe Morgan

Davis Love III

Sea Island, Georgia

DAVIS LOVE III: I'd like to bring up Joe Adams, the managing partner and CEO of RSM in the U.S. He has some exciting news to share about RSM and their foundation.

We've obviously helped Special Olympics thanks to RSM when they first came on board,Boys & Girls Club, a lot of other charities. We've been very instrumental in helping the local First Tee chapter go from a start-up to now being accredited as a full chapter. They'll be hiring more staff and reaching more kids going forward.

We're excited about the First Tee growing in our area. But more importantly, RSM has really taken, as I've said this several times -- the new caddie facility, even bigger, better for the caddies sponsored by RSM.

Everything we want to do they want to do it bigger and better. They have been an incredible partner.

But Joe has some exciting news about what their foundation is doing for us.

JOE MORGAN: Thanks, Davis. It is great to be here. Great representing RSM.

One of the things that RSM and golf have in common, as we've said, is the value of stewardship. It's such as important part of this golf tournament for us to be part of the fundraising side, if you will.

I would say two years ago we -- well, since the inception, we've already raised about $2.7 million toward charities in the Golden Isles and communities around McGladrey, around RSM. It's hard for me even to remember that.

But the reality of it is two years ago I think we really stepped up our efforts with the Davis Love Foundation we started Birdies For Love campaign.

Over the last two years we've raised $450, 000 each of those two years. So this year we set a pretty high bar and we set a goal of $1 million.

I'm really happy to say that we raised $700,000 this year amongst our employees, friends, and clients, and the RSM Foundation is matching that up to $500,000. So we will raise $1.2 million this year in donations for the young families, young kids, children, Boys & Girls Club, the 80 communities around RSM where we are every day.

I have a check behind me which raises the total to almost $4 million with the rest of the proceeds to come at the end of the tournament. We're just really happy to be part of this and to be contributing.

Let me grab that check.

DAVIS LOVE III: Sweet. They took or birdies for love program and ran with it pretty strong the last couple years. It's pretty incredible what their offices have done all around the world to take this program and make it really, really work.

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