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August 21, 2003

Ian Poulter


Q. Comments on the round?

IAN POULTER: I just missed fairways. It makes it difficult when you miss fairways because the greens are pretty quick, I also hit it in a few bunkers. One minute there is six inches of sand in them and the next minute there is a half an inch of sand in them. So I wasn't best pleased with the bunkers out there because I thought they were shocking. David played fantastic all day but he missed a couple of fairways and when he misses one, one way, you generally go the opposite way. But it was just one of those days when you start missing a couple of fairways and the rest of your game is under pressure.

This is a much easier golf course than last week and that is why I am so frustrated at shooting three over par when you compare this course to last week. The greens are still quick and it is a little tricky but it is easier. I am just going to have to go and shoot 65 tomorrow.

Playing in twos? It is lovely, it is like being part of the weekend already. It moves quickly, you seem to get through the holes quickly and if you are shooting four or five under par it would be even better because you are getting round even quicker. I am generally a quick player.

At the seventh, I hit it in the right hand trap, with a ton of sand in it, so I hit it a little clean into the other bunker at the other side where there was no sand in that bunker altogether. Three or four inches of difference from one trap to another on the same green! Then I go up ten and pull my second shot into the bunker and it is plugged on a slope which is about 60 degrees and it's buried itself. I put my foot into the sand and there is a foot of sand in the trap. So that's four inches, to half an inch to a foot. But anyway, I suppose I shouldn't hit them in there. An incentive to keep out of them tomorrow.

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