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November 15, 2015

Danny Willett

Shanghai, China

Q. What are your thoughts on the way things have panned out here in Shanghai over these two weeks and your position now in the Race to Dubai?
DANNY WILLETT: Last week was obviously pretty stale and obviously I didn't play a good last round and this week's just been stale again. Putted pretty poorly for four days. Never really got anything going. Just struggled a bit. One of those things. It's going to be close but regardless of what happens, I guess you can look at it, if we go there next week and we win, we win. It's one of them where it's a good situation to be in.

Try and take a few positives even though I feel like it could have put a bit of space there this week but like I said, really, really struggled on the greens.

Q. Sounds like in terms of the game, it is immensely frustrating and you gestured as if breaking your putter on the last there?
DANNY WILLETT: It's been close, been close a few times this week. Yeah, just one of them that it's a bit disappointing, when you're in position and you're playing nice, nothing's really going, and it's just one of those things I guess.

But yeah, a bit disappointing but like I said, got a day and a half off I guess to regroup and chill out, and regardless of the situation going into next week, we know we're going to have a chance. If you win, you win. I guess if you beat Rory -- a few permutations, you win, as well. There's a lot of positives to take. But after two days of stale golf, sort of tricky.

Q. Apart from being asked questions, is it something that's crossed your mind or get on with your business?
DANNY WILLETT: No, it's just week-to-week. There was no point today I was thinking about The Race to Dubai. I was think to go trying to hole putts and hit good shots. It's a strange one, really, that you probably will think about it but you're either frustrated or happy with how the game is at that moment in time on that particular day.

Unfortunately the last two days have been pretty disappointing scoring for where we've actually hit it. We'd liked to have a really good weekend but we haven't and I guess that's going to put us not far behind going into next week.

Q. History of the whole of this year suggests you're good at regrouping and getting back together, so very positive into Dubai?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, yeah, I mean, like I said, a bit frustrated at the minute but just try and take all the positives you can and have a day off and get your head back on and get your thoughts together and keep working hard and hopefully a few drop next week.

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