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November 15, 2015

Kristoffer Broberg

Shanghai, China

PAUL SYMES: Many congratulations. When we spoke earlier, you were a little about the lost for words, but you've had a bit more time to reflect on your victory. How do you sum up your emotions now.

KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I worked so hard all my life for this. I'm just so happy to win on the main tour, because I won four times on The Challenge Tour, and I'm just so happy to win, because I worked so hard all year, just -- yeah.

PAUL SYMES: And I guess the manner of the victory, taking down someone like Patrick Reed, one of the best players in the world in a playoff; that takes some beating.

KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, his short game was unbelievable all day. I'm playing really good the front nine, and I was struggling a bit, a little nervous on the last few holes, the four last holes, I was really, really nervous.

I get to the playoff and I saw him hit it right. And I hit it a really good drive on the left side, thought, here is my chance, want to get by the trap. Hit a good 9-iron up to four or five metres from the hole and was so happy.

PAUL SYMES: You mentioned your wins on The Challenge Tour. Obviously the European Tour is a much bigger step up, but how much do you feel that helped you, trying to close the victories on The Challenge Tour?

KRISTOFFER BROBERG: When I won on The Challenge Tour, once in a playoff in Norway. The players out there are really, really good and this field is just a really good field. So just happy to beat all of them. This means a lot to me.

I didn't trust myself, a few weeks ago; I could never win here. I was just so down, and I'm so happy right now. I have no words. It's just -- yeah, all the practise, just, yeah, I don't know.

Q. It was a bit of crazy back nine with five players in a share of the lead at one point or another. Henrik Stenson was coming up behind you. Was it hard to kind of figure out where everybody was on the leaderboard and where you were?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: No, I think the leaderboard, on 15 and 16 green, and 17, I think. I saw Henrik was 16. Garcia was, I don't know, 15 or 16 and between an was 15 or 16 and I played with Patrick Reed.

Yeah, missed that putt on 17, so that was my chance to win the tournament, so just very happy.

Q. Talk about the 14th, the tap-in birdie. Which iron?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I hit pitching wedge from 139 metres.

Q. And after your birdie, Patrick shot an eagle on 15. What were you thinking?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: That was an amazing shot from the trap. He hit it three metres past, spin it back to the hole. Just a really, really good shot.

Q. What do you think then? Do you feel that you have a chance?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I have a putt still for birdie from five metres. Left it short on the line. There's more golf to play, 16, 17, 18.

Q. Yesterday you picked up nine strokes in ten holes. At that point, did you suddenly think, you know what, this is going to happen?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Not at all. I have 18 more holes today, so I'm just -- when I woke up this morning, 17 is going to win this event, 17 or 18. So I'm just thinking about that number.

Q. And have you ever had a run of scoring quite as good as that one yesterday?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: No, I don't think so. That was pretty decent yesterday, wasn't it (laughs).

Q. With the same title sponsor and same nationality, some Chinese audience think you look a little bit like Henrik Stenson. What do you think about that, and are you familiar with Mr. Henrik Stenson?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, I know Henrik Stenson. He's a really good friend of mine. Look like Henrik, no, he's much bigger than me (laughter) so, no, I don't know.

Q. Several runner-up finishes on The European Tour over the past three years. Can you describe how frustrating that was to always come up just one position short, or did you feel like a breakthrough win was coming at some point?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: The first, when I come second first time, I was 13 shots behind Schwartzel in Leopard Creek. And last year was pretty tough against Rose, one shot behind in The Scottish Open.

Everything gives me -- my main goal was to win on the main tour. I was just working so hard for it, and now I've proved that. So I'm just very, very happy.

Q. Do you use your coach's wife's putter?

Q. Why did you choose this putter?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Last week in my coach's studio in Sweden, I'm putting indoors and I was like, I don't putt it good. So I just look in his coach wife's bag -- she stopped playing now. Nice centre-shafted, Odyssey 2ball, so maybe use that one. I tried it, sampled it, and the stroke went much, much better with the technique. So I just -- yeah, I keep it. It was pretty good.

Q. And good putting?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: This week it was really, really good. But I'm a really good ball-striker, so that's my strength in my game.

Q. First of all, congratulations. I want to ask, have you ever expected before coming to BMW Masters to be a champion, and if not, what was your expectation, and do you have any celebration planned?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: No celebration plans tonight. I'm flying to Dubai tonight. So maybe next week in Dubai after the tournament. But my expectations for this week was just, I want to play my into the final event in Dubai. It looks good after two rounds. I always say to myself, there's two more rounds to go, and one more round to go. Just very, very happy to win.

Q. Could you go through your clubs with us?

Q. Which clubs?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I have Apex Pro irons and a new Mack Daddy 3 wedges. New Apex hybrid. Old 3-wood.

Q. How old?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I don't know, it's one year old, and an old driver in the bag.

Q. So your scoring average is coming down from 71.6 to 70.5 through three years. So which part of your game have you improved most or who do you want to thank most: Mentally, technically, physically?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Not mentally (laughing).

My technique wasn't that good when I played on The Challenge Tour. I need to improve my long game out here. Ball-striking is really, really good. It's been good all year. So just putting and short game, it hasn't been good. I worked a lot last week on my short game.

PAUL SYMES: Many thanks. Enjoy next week.

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