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November 14, 2015

Kristoffer Broberg

Shanghai, China

Q. What are your thoughts on shooting a lovely 64 today?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yes, coming into the week, I played really got first two rounds, and my putting is really, really good. So I just play the game, and hit a lot of greens. Really, I played well today, really well. Hit a lot of good shots. Made eagle on No. 7, two good shots. Holed a six-meter putt, and a long one on 8 that just keep me going.

Q. What was it that was so much better today, though, in terms of scoring, than the other two days?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yesterday was tougher I think for everyone. Today was easier today. Warm weather today, so ball goes a little further. Got shorter clubs in.

Q. When you started today, did you fancy your chances of getting amongst them?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I started, I hit a close one on No. 1, close on the second and missed both. Really good shot on 4, missed that one. A really good up-and-down on 5. So it just keeps me going and just pleased to have a really good round and I need it.

Q. You need it in terms of Race to Dubai?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah. Turkey was really -- I needed a good week in Turkey. I didn't play well. It's good to have a good day here. Just one day left.

Q. You didn't play well in Turkey because of the pressure or it's one of those situations?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: My putting has been terrible since after the week at Woburn. I putted pretty good at Woburn but then it's gone. Now I just took my coach's wife's putter. Yeah, it's good.

Q. Your coach's wife's putter?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah. So I just practice with him last week and looks in her bag, and I saw, oh, it's an odd did I putter. Just try it, take it.

Q. Does it feel natural straightaway?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: We did some testing. The stroke is much better and the numbers are much better. I just trust it. But my routine now is much quicker. So just one look behind the hole and behind the ball and yeah, there's the line, hit it.

Q. In this kind of position, what are your thoughts going into the final day?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Just play my game. I played good all week. I played pretty smart. Hit a lot of greens out there. Played a little safe the first two rounds and today I'm hitting the ball pretty good at the range.

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