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May 28, 2004

Ian Poulter


. 67, 68, what are your thoughts on the conclusion?

IAN POULTER: Nice finish to a reasonable day, and it's nice to get around on a good golf course. This is the first cut I've made in five years, which is bizarre, really, but nice to play well and nice to keep hitting good golf shots, and a couple of mistakes, but, you know, I played well and rolled a few putts in.

Q. Was that a statistic that was on your mind when you teed up yesterday?

IAN POULTER: I know my track record around here. It's not hard to think back of how many tournament rounds you've actually played on this golf course because it has not been very many. I want to change it this week and go out and that means going out and shooting for 5 under, 6 under, 7 under and keeping red numbers on the board.

Justin Rose is making headway, and it would be nice to keep it tight and add another name to the leader board.

Q. It's a terrific leaderboard, that must get you pumping when you see those names up there alongside your own?

IAN POULTER: Yes, it's great. It's a tournament that has got one of the better fields in the year and it's going to have great names at the top of the leaderboard and that's exactly what it's got. It's going to be a good weekend.

Q. Very important week in the context of the focus of the year and the Ryder Cup and all that sort of thing?

IAN POULTER: Every tournament is important in that respect. Every tournament has got to be treated in the same way, play to win, and you do as good as you can and put as many points on the board as you possibly can.

Q. Getting plenty of sleep?

IAN POULTER: Yes, I am getting plenty of sleep.

Q. How have you managed that with the new arrival?

IAN POULTER: They traveled down yesterday which was lovely; so hopefully they can come and see me tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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