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November 2, 2015

Adrian Mannarino

Paris, France

D. THIEM/A. Mannarino
6‑2, 5‑7, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. We had the feeling you hurt yourself again in the beginning of the third set, or was it hurting before, or something special happened?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: At 2‑1 in the third, I hurt myself again. And after 3‑2, it was very difficult for me to play. Well, sometimes I was able to run all right, but there were one or two points where I was totally blocked and it was frustrating.

Q. So that means you are not cured? It's not over?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Well, in Basel I was feeling very good, but two, three days ago in practice, it came back. You know, sometimes I feel pain. The next day I don't.
It's a bit difficult to understand what is happening. I think now I have time and I will be able to treat it. We will see what it is.

Q. So it is because it was on and off that you kept playing, because you could have decided to stop?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Well, sometimes even if it was hurting, I thought it's only 3‑2, I had four points to be back at 3‑All, and my level was not that bad in spite of the pain.
So I thought maybe I will be able to put it out, but I didn't unfortunately. It was a bit tough.

Q. So now you're going to have medical examinations in the next days?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yes, I will. I'll take advantage to be in Paris to do all this.

Q. Do you know exactly know what the problem is, medically I mean?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: No, well, I have a hip sprain. The question is how bad it is and can I play or not. When I was in China, I had a medical examination, but the result was not very clear. So I hope I'll have a better idea this week with the examinations I'm going to make.

Q. On Saturday you were at the meeting with Yannick Noah. What was your impression of that meeting?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I was listening. What they say is good. Well, it has to be good, no? But for the time being, I don't really have the feeling I'm part of the team. It's a bit new for me, but apparently the players and the staff are very motivated. We'll see what happens.

Q. You're saying you don't feel you're part of the team. Do you believe there are two categories of players in the French Davis Cup team?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: No, it's just that I'm not good enough for the time being and my ranking is not high enough for me to be on the team.
Many players are more eligible than I am for the time being. It's up to me to keep improving. But I'm far from making the team at present.

Q. Were you convinced by what the captain said?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yes, I was. He seems very motivated. The staff is motivated and the players, too. We'll see.

Q. I have a third topic I want to ask you about. Here everything is brand new in this stadium. What do you think of it? Is it better? And is it better conditions to play? Do you feel better on the court compared with the previous stadium?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: It's difficult to say. One thing for sure is that the crowd was not there because I came into an empty stadium (smiling). But little by little they arrived.
For the time being, it's just new. I'm someone who likes to have some references, and I used to love that stadium, how it was before, and right now I'm not convinced by the new Bercy. I believe it will take some time before we get used to it. It's true for the players and also for the crowd.
But anyway, it looks pretty, but I believe it's not quite finished yet. I heard the drilling machine up there that was making a lot of noise. It was a bit disturbing, but...

Q. So you're saying you prefer the previous stadium and the players lounge, the previous one?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yes, I thought the players lounge was better before. It was more friendly, and their restaurant was just next to it. I mean, I thought it was nice, whereas now it's a bit smaller. Not the space, but we are a bit trapped in there.
It's just an impression I have. It's not really important. The important thing is on the court. The rest is‑‑I just don't care.

Q. And on the court, you thought you didn't have ‑‑you were not used to the room? You didn't know...
ADRIAN MANNARINO: No, it was not that. It was just me. I was tense in the beginning of the match, and I'm not sure the combination of the surface and the balls are really to my advantage. So it took me a long time to get used to it and I am still not used to it.
I really tried to stay in there, but it was not good. Well, the result is not a catastrophe, but in terms of feelings on the court, it was not what I expected, let's say.

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