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November 3, 2015

Edouard Roger-Vasselin

Paris, France

4‑6, 7‑6, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Out of curiosity, did you know that he was not able to play decisive tiebreakers this year? He lost 10 tiebreakers in a row.
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Oh, no, I didn't know. It was better for me not to know that. I didn't know that. I just saw last week he lost to Richard.

Q. So if you didn't know that, how did you approach this tiebreaker?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Well, I played the whole match in the same way. Serve and volley on my first serve. Because there are never rallies. I know that since there are no rallies, I'm not able to play anymore.
So I didn't change anything in the way I played for the tiebreaker. I tried to anticipate and find the right places to play. I know where he likes to play, and this is what happened. But of course I needed to return well, too, but I did that.

Q. What does this victory represent for you?

Q. Well, let's say winning that first round here, what does it mean?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: It's not going to change my life. I will not sleep better or worse tonight, honestly.

Q. And physically, how are you feeling?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Well, receiving all those first serves all along mentally was a bit tough, but physically I feel good because I didn't have to move too much. Sometimes during two or three games, you don't have to play, so it's a bit difficult mentally.

Q. What do you think of the new stadium, the court and everything?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: I saw it for the first time yesterday when I watched the match between Benoit and GaĆ«l. So I don't know exactly what to say. I didn't play on it yet. The improvements for the locker rooms and everything are really good. We have more space. It's nicer. A lot better. The players lounge is a bit cold, I would say.
As to the court, I might have an opportunity to play on it tomorrow.

Q. But as a spectator, how did you feel watching the match in the new stadium?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Well, yesterday the stadium was half empty, and I didn't feel that warmth we usually have here. But I hope it will come for the next evenings here.
It's more cozy, I might say, now. I hope I might have an opportunity to play on it soon.

Q. The court itself has a different color compared with last year. Is that important for a player, the change of colors?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Well, each tournament has its own colors. I don't remember the color of Basel last week. I don't know if it was pink or purple.
So it's just the first day you need to get used to it. But after, we're just focused on our game. Sometimes on the court, it's very hot. Sometimes on another court, it's cold. You need to get used to all that. But it doesn't bother me.

Q. But just when you walked in, what impression did you get from the colors, for example?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Well, yes, there are many little changes that seem very small, but they can disturb you, just the color of the seats. Sometimes in the stands might have an effect on you. But once you hit a few balls and are into your match, it doesn't matter anymore.

Q. And the black seats?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: It's better than white.
You don't have any questions about my match?
I was happy with this victory. It's not going to change my ranking. I'm so far down, I'm not looking ahead anymore. But I had a great pleasure playing this match as a singles, because I like that.

Q. What prospects do you have in singles for the next season?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: This is always the question, am I going to be able to sustain all the practice, all the matches in singles? Sometimes are okay. I feel good today, for example, but I don't know how it's going to be next week.
This is why I give priority to my doubles program, because of my physical condition I need to take it into account and maybe change my goals. So next year will be Davis Cup, Olympics, the main two challengers.
If I feel good physically, I know my level is still there and I'm not surprised I can play well if I have no physical problems.
Next year I'm going to play the singles and, of course, all the Grand Slams in doubles. And I will try to play quallies in a certain number of tournaments and maybe a few challengers in between.

Q. You were talking about the Davis Cup. What can you say about the Davis Cup next year? Yannick Noah came to see us yesterday and he has changed a number of things. Do you feel there is one spot that you can take?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: Well, we'll see after the first selection. It's always easy to talk about it today, but for the various doubles teams, are we going to have a real doubles team like Julien and myself or others? I'm waiting to see.
I know that we are going to play together, and we are going to show you here we are a good doubles team. And of course this is a goal for me, being able to play the Davis Cup, hoping a real doubles team will be selected for the first tie.

Q. In what Yannick said, did you feel he was, as a captain more open to building a doubles team more than other Davis Cup captains?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: We'll see what happens. We'll see in March. But it's always difficult to take away a top‑20 player in singles to replace him by a doubles player. I know it's tough. That will be the problem in March.
Are we going to leave aside Gilles Simon, Gaƫl Monfils, to put a player that is top 10 in doubles? In my case, it would be nice to have a doubles player, because I can do that. But as a doubles player, we need to be really good so that the choice will become obvious.

Q. Would it be the great regret not playing?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN: I am not far, and I'm still not far from being selected. A regret? Something that I miss rather. I know the players that were selected are very good players, in singles and doubles. It's not like if no one could take my place. But if until the end of my career I never get selected, then I will really regret it.

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