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November 3, 2015

Lucas Pouille

Paris, France

J. CHARDY/L. Pouille
3‑6, 6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. It went well, and then suddenly things went wrong in the second?
LUCAS POUILLE: Well, he broke me back. It was 6‑3, 3‑1. I made many mistakes I normally don't make. Because of that, he was able to come back into the match and he was able to put the balls in. He was not hitting that hard. So the ones that were out before were in afterwards.
After that, the game became more tense at 4‑3, and he was back into the match from then on.

Q. What is the feelings you have after that match?
LUCAS POUILLE: I'm very disappointed. When you're up like I was in that match, you are very disappointed when you lose, of course. But it's one match among many others.
There were positive things in the match. I still have another tournament to play before the end of this season, and then I will have time to rest and I will start over next year.

Q. Were you able to play your game or were you frustrated?
LUCAS POUILLE: I believe I started well. I played well in the beginning. But he is a very special player. He plays very quickly. He plays his own game. He can hit very hard.
So it's difficult. You need to contain him and make him move. Well, you know he might miss a lot like he did in the first set. I didn't want to be too aggressive and miss and give him free points. But after that, he was always into the court and he was the one being aggressive.

Q. Yannick said he would make no politically correct choices. Do you believe you can be one of those choices?
LUCAS POUILLE: What he said is simply that he would take the best one at the right time at the moment of the tie. Of course we are all going to do our best to be part of that team, but my answer right now would be clearly no, I am not among the top four players.
We will see what happens in three or four months from now. But for the time being, it's too early.

Q. Compared with last year, you went to the round of 16 last year. You lost first round this year. But do you believe your game is better, has improved, compared with last year?
LUCAS POUILLE: Of course. I can do more things than I was able to do last year, but now I lost first round. That means it's not as good as last year. But it all depends on your opponent, too.
Well, let's say I was able to improve in many parts of my game, and I'm rather pleased over the past two or three weeks I had, especially when I was training in Moscow. I was happy with the first set and a half that I played here. It was good tennis.

Q. What did you improve in particular?
LUCAS POUILLE: I'm more precise. My forehand is better. Instead of hitting very hard and having the ball come back, I'm able to play a bit little shorter, being more precise. So not hitting as hard, but making winners. I'm able to return a lot more.
I know Jeremy can play 175 kilometers per hour on the first serve, but it can change. It's variable. Physically, I believe I'm able to move a lot quicker on the court.
There was no time in this season when I felt tired and I lost a match just because I was tired. So physically I'm good, but because, of course, I could run even faster.
But it is improving. It's going in the right direction.

Q. For the next season, you still have one tournament, you said. So what are you going to do after? Your preparation will be in Dubai? Are you going to have a rest period?
LUCAS POUILLE: Well, I'm going to have one or two days' rest now. Then I'm going to practice, to try to finish off the year well, and then I will have real holidays. I don't know how long it will be yet.
After that I will practice in Dubai for four or five weeks before starting the Australian tour. I don't know at what stage I will start that tour yet. It will depend on the ranking I will have in the end of the year.
I will have to play at least one or two tournaments before the Australian Open and start practicing on clay maybe, but it's early now just to talk about this.

Q. Everybody's talking about this new stadium. Can you tell us what you think about the atmosphere and the new colors? What do you think? We went from green to blue. Maybe colors are important for a player. Do you have preferences for the court, for the stands?
LUCAS POUILLE: Well, the color of the court is not very different. I mean, it was a year ago, so we had time to forget. Now, around the court, having it all black around the court is good. I didn't hear any negative comments in the locker rooms from the players.
I believe the court is very pleasant. It's beautiful. It's good to play on such a court. The locker rooms are bigger, much more pleasant. The players lounge is very nice.
But I even think it's not even finished. I think next year will be even better.

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