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November 3, 2015

Jeremy Chardy

Paris, France

J. CHARDY/L. Pouille
3‑6, 6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Why were you so tense in the beginning of the match?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: I don't believe it was because of the tension. I was really playing bad. I was not moving well. I was not hitting the ball well, and I was missing a lot. And when my game is not adjusted, it's difficult.
I was still trying to go for it, and little by little I felt better. I started putting more balls in. When I was able to break him, the match turned over.
It was not the best of my matches, but I'm happy I won.

Q. You have been working with Magnus for a while now. There are more and more Swedish coaches on the tour. Do you believe they have a different way of coaching? Maybe they have different mental approaches of the matches?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: I think it's mainly for the work that is different. He brought many positive things in my way of working, in my game, too. I'm more consistent now, more solid. This is why I won today.
Before I started matches poorly. I made many unforced errors and I kept doing that until the end of the match. Whereas today, I was able to change this during the match.
The second part of the match was rather good. And this is what I'm working on during practice, and it helped today.

Q. And physically?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: All along the year, I have a good team, and if Magnus is not with me, Patrick assigned me someone who is following me at the academy. So if I have a good plan for my practice, it makes me more solid in my game.

Q. You beat Nishikori twice already. His style of game suits you?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: Yes, I beat him twice. That's true. When he plays well, though, he's one of the very best players. So it's going to be a tough match.
Anyway, I'll have to play better than today if I want to have a chance to beat him. I will really try to prepare well and to have good tactics to try to make it difficult for him. But knowing I beat him already is good for my confidence, and it's a comfort mentally to know that.

Q. You had a very good American tour. But after that, you had more difficulties to have good results. Is that match against Nishikori going to be important for you for this part of the season?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: Well, yes. After the United States, I didn't play that well. I lost matches, although they were tight, but I do feel good. I was not too worried. You know, sometimes you win matches. Sometimes you lose them.
In Montreal, I won many very close matches, and in Asia, I lost the two close matches I had. This is how it goes. Sometimes it's in your favor, and other times it's in favor of your opponent.
So the important thing is to feel confident and continue working. This is the last tournament of the year. I want to finish off that season on a good note. I don't have much to lose tomorrow. I will try to do the best I can to win that match.

Q. After what Yannick Noah said, do you feel you are now back into the French team?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: I never thought I was not part of that group. With Arnaud, we sometimes disagreed, but the good thing is we were always able to talk about it. We had conversations. Now we have a new captain.
I also believe Arnaud was a good captain. He had all the values of a Davis Cup player or Davis Cup captain, and Yannick has them, too. He's just a different person.
It's not going to change many things for me. If I want to be selected, I need to play well. I need to earn my place on the team.

Q. During his first press conference when Yannick Noah talked about the players he was going to meet, he mentioned many names, but he didn't mention yours. He forgot maybe. But did you react to that?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: I didn't even know, so that's your job. Well, whether he forgot my name or not, it's not important. The important thing is the conversations you have with your captain. And I know if I want to talk to him, I can talk to him.
What counts is the result on the court. If I play well, I know I will be selected. And if I don't, I won't be selected.
I'm happy that he's here. I'm sure he's going to bring a lot to that team. We all want to win. So if he can help us do that, it's going to be great.

Q. From the outside it seems that things have changed and that no player will take his selection for granted anymore. So what do you think about that?
JÉRÉMY CHARDY: He said no one was a star and no one was irreplaceable. So he wants to have a work plan. He explained what he wanted to do. Now he's going to implement it. If it doesn't go the way he wants it to go, he'll make some choices. Even if the choices are difficult, he will do the necessary choices for the good of our team.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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