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November 8, 2015

Venus Williams

Zhuhai, China

V. WILLIAMS/K. Pliskova
7‑5, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. A fine win today. First of all, what you did think of Pliskova's game since you hadn't played before, and how happy were you to be able to close that out in that tiebreaker?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, she's played so well. Never seen her play before, but not a lot of errors today from her. She played a really tight, well‑played match. More than anything she competed really well.
You know, in the first set I had a lot of chances, but she really played well on those points. I think the thing is to have a chance and at some point hopefully you'll take it, so it felt good.

Q. You got 900 ranking points in Wuhan, and this week you add another 700. Can we call you the biggest winner in China this season? Can you talk about the whole experience in China a little bit?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, definitely. Wuhan, I came into the Asian season just really ready to play. Had a really good US Open and felt like I was playing well.
Just had the opportunity to really play even better there. So I felt like I had momentum coming into the Asian swing, and then just wanted to win, play well, be my best.
Everything fell into place. Doesn't always happen, but, yeah, happened this time.

Q. Congratulations. This season may be the best season for you since 2010. In past five years you suffered a lot of injury. Have you ever thought of maybe give up tennis? And what's your motivation for keep playing? Thank you.
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, for me giving up wasn't an option. I was put in a position that was out of my control, and that's life.
But if I was going to end playing tennis I wanted to end it how I wanted to end, not because I was forced out. So maybe not the easiest road, but it was a road that I had and it was a challenge I was up for.
That's life. I learned so much. I'm still grateful for everything.

Q. You're back in the top 10. Not just barely in the top 10, but firmly in the top 10 at No. 7. Can you give us some sort of perspective as to what that means to you and what that means about your game right now in the midst of all this?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, there are no easy matches. No matter if I play the 150 or the No. 1, whoever it is, there are no easy matches. Yes, it's a great thing to be in the top 10 now with the level of the game.
But at the same time, I'm still very hungry. I'm ready for more. I've had so many experiences in tennis that I still expect a lot from myself. So I'm very happy to be moving forward, but I want to continue and not stop here.

Q. You played with Li Na three times in your career. Each one was in a big tournament. Now she's retired. She's a mom. How do you feel meeting with her today? Did you talk a little bit?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh, it was so nice to see her. So much has happened since last year. She retired and now she's a mom. That's a big year.
Now she's moved on to more important things. The biggest job in the world is to be parent. She's in a whole new world now. I can't even imagine how she feels. She must be proud and excited.
You know, you can see the happiness on her face. She's so humble, and so I think everyone was happy to see her. Of course she's the star of the show.

Q. As you said, Li Na is living a whole new world. Roberta said yesterday that she wants to make a change, live another life. For you, is tennis already the best life and you want live in this life as long as you can?
VENUS WILLIAMS: This is definitely what I want to do right now. When I'm done, I'll be done. It's not yet. Never know what the future will bring, and you have to be ready for that and ready to adjust.
Like Billie Jean King always said, champions adjust. I hope to be a champion in anything that I try. It's about the attitude you bring for it.

Q. (Through translation.) Congratulations on another championship. It's the first time for Zhuhai to hold such a great game for WTA. Would you please first of all comment on the venue and the fans? Also, would you comment on the trophy?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, the venue is beautiful. The fans are amazing. You can see their enthusiasm. When you miss a first serve, the whole crowd is like, Ohhhhh.
All the players, we've talked about it, how the tournament has done a great job. It's the perfect stadium. Perfect host for this tournament. The trophy, when I first saw it at the draw I thought, Ah, I really want to win that. You don't want to hope too much, but it was so beautiful.
I thought, Man, I don't have anything like that. So it's wonderful to have this moment with the trophy. It's one of a kind.

Q. Let's talk about something more interesting /we know next year you will have your own brand, EleVen, right?

Q. You will have your own brand next yeah, EleVen, right?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think I'm wiring wearing it at the moment.

Q. Okay. Would you like to tell more information about that? Second question is about do you have any inspiration on designing your Australian Open dress?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah. We design ‑‑ for example, already finished designing for spring/summer '17. So that's already done.
We go so far ahead. Australian Open I'm wearing a rose print called Camila Rose. And I been wearing my line for a long time now.
One day I hope it's in China. That would be really awesome. You guys have the best shopping malls and best shopping ever here. So one day. It's a big dream.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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