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November 7, 2015

Roberta Vinci

Zhuhai, China

6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Could you say something as a sum up of your performance here? What specifically pleased you here and what didn't?
ROBERTA VINCI: About today?

Q. Yeah, your whole trip; this tournament.
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, I played great match against Svetlana. Not a good match yesterday against Schmiedlova.
Today I tried my best, but I think Venus plays too good, too aggressive. Nothing more. That's it.

Q. Are you ready to get your off‑season started?

Q. What are your plans for the next month and a half, I guess, before the season?
ROBERTA VINCI: Nothing special. I go home for some holidays and then practice for my pre‑season. Next year, like always, in Australia probably two tournaments before the Australian Open, and then Australian Open.
So nothing special; nothing strange. Normal things.

Q. How would you sum up the last three months?
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, a good three months. (Smiling.)
Yes, well, incredible month for me, incredible end of the season, and incredible ranking right now. But, you know, I'm happy that I finished. (Laughter.)
Now I can go take some day off, because I am tired right now. I played a lot, a lot of stress, a lot of pressure of course.
So now I'm happy that I'm finished and that I have a good ranking, so really‑‑ well, happy, yeah, to be in the top 20 and ready for the next year.

Q. You've played Venus twice now in the last month, month and a half or so.

Q. What are you seeing from her that she's doing particularly well right now at this part of the season?
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, today for me, she play much better than in Wuhan. Much more aggressive, especially her serve. She was also really focus, really solid.
And, well, of course she has a good chance to win this tournament for sure.

Q. You said at least you're going to play next year. We don't know how many we're going to see you. If you do plan to play more years, how much positive you can take from the end of the season for maybe continue?
ROBERTA VINCI: I don't understand a lot your question.

Q. How much positive you can take from the end of the season for you to continue maybe more years?
ROBERTA VINCI: But I don't want continue more years. (Laughter.) No.
I want to play next year and then...

Q. Wait and see?
ROBERTA VINCI: I want to change my life, so probably next year and then I finished, so...

Q. We've asked you this over the course of time about next year or the year after that or the year after that. Have you slowly started to make a little bit of a decision in your head about next year being the last year?
ROBERTA VINCI: Yeah, yeah, yeah. For me next year is the last. Yeah, yeah. I'm thinking, and I don't‑‑ probably I don't change my mind.
Of course you never know, but it's tough. I'm not so young. Probably, yeah. I don't want to play more than‑‑ more, more, more. No.
I had a lot of success, a lot of victories, but sometimes it's time to change and stop.

Q. Someone told me that your last name is from the Italian word meaning winning and conquering. What most important thing that you have won and conquered in your life and career?
ROBERTA VINCI: What is important?

Q. Most important thing you have won and conquered.
ROBERTA VINCI: In the tennis or...

Q. In tennis. In your career.
ROBERTA VINCI: My best victory? Important thing in the‑‑ I don't understand you.

Q. Not just match. In your life maybe.
ROBERTA VINCI: In my life?

Q. Yeah.
ROBERTA VINCI: My best victory in my life?

Q. Maybe something emotional? Sentimental?
ROBERTA VINCI: Bo. What's the question? (Laughter.)
I don't know.

Q. I think the question is the biggest challenge you ever faced on and off the court in your tennis career.
ROBERTA VINCI: Now I understand the question, but I don't know the answer. My big challenge is always about the tennis.
Well, that I reach great result when I'm not young, so this is my‑‑ probably my best challenge, best goal probably.
It's a tough question to answer right now.

Q. Yesterday I was honored to be accompanied by the supervisor and visited the player zone, especially the walk on area. Both sides are attached player pictures. What's your comment about this area? Before you go to the center court you will be filmed and the audience will watch you and your opponents on the big screen.
ROBERTA VINCI: Yeah, it's nice. It's always nice, but I think it's nice all year. Good organization. Everything was perfect. From the beginning of the match, the practice, and at the end, the interview, everything was perfect. Yeah. Good job.

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