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November 8, 2015

Kevin Kisner

Shanghai, China

Q. What then are your thoughts on the week? It's been a good one.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, it was a great week. I just didn't hole the putts today that I did the first two days, so I couldn't really put any pressure on him. He played solid all day and made a lot of putts. Hats off it him, he played great.

Q. You bounced back off the opening hole.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, you get in that rough today, it's wet and long and you just can't even hardly advance it. I kept the ball in the fairway after that and had a lot of looks at birdie. Just didn't hole in. Made a nice one on the last to finish second.

Q. Which I guess was a bit frustrating because it's par after par after par.
KEVIN KISNER: Felt like I was never going to make a par or a birdie or a bogey. Hit a lot of good putts and a lot of good shots and I just always build confidence off of that.

Q. When you consider the back problems and the way that you've come into this event, this is a stunning finish, isn't it.
KEVIN KISNER: Stunning, way beyond any expectations. I just was hoping to finish 72 holes, let alone have a chance to win. So I'm proud of myself the way I fought and battled through it and looking forward to some time off.

Q. You're not getting hacked off by that second-place finish tag?
KEVIN KISNER: No, what is that, four this year? That's all right. I'll keep finishing second and I'll keep giving myself a shot and I know I'll win one of them.

Q. We've touched on this already, but for your season, this is a wonderful start to build up.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, locks up a card. I don't have any guarantees past this year, so locks up a card already for the whole year. I get to kind of free-wheel it from here out and hopefully have a lot of chances to win.

Q. Did you ever have a chance to get into Shanghai and see anything?
KEVIN KISNER: I did not but we're headed there shortly.

Q. Finishing second at THE PLAYERS and this event --
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, that's two pretty good paychecks. That was a huge putt I made on the last hole. I had to kind of psyche myself up to feel like that was an opportunity to make a big putt and make a statement for myself.

Q. World Ranking points, gets you into these events, which really helps you stay in the Top-50?
KEVIN KISNER: I call it like a union, once you get in, it's hard to get out.

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