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November 8, 2015

Russell Knox

Shanghai, China

Q. What does this mean to you to win at this level?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's incredible. I always hoped it was going to happen but you're just never sure. There's just so many unbelievable players on tours all around the world and to win at this stage is a dream come true. Still can't quite believe it.

Q. You've come close on other occasions, but to actually do it at this level, and with the number of people that are around, and the manner, the style with which you've done it; you must be so proud.
RUSSELL KNOX: I owe it all to my coach, Mike Flemming. He passed away a couple years ago. This is for him for sure.

Q. He had belief; you have to have your own self-belief, though. Did you think this day would come as soon as this perhaps?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I always knew it was going to come to be honest, deep down in my bones I felt I was capable of winning. I thought it was going to be maybe another year. But I'm glad it happened now.

Q. Vindicates your decision, as well, to come back and have a birdie first thing this morning when nobody else was around.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I think that was important for me. I don't think I would have birdied it playing it in the dark, so it was a wise choice.

Q. Did it kind of settle you down, as well, knowing that that was in the can; that you are already joint leader and you're already prepared prior to the final round itself?
RUSSELL KNOX: I think so. I normally sleep unbelievably well but last night, I didn't sleep that good because I had not finished my round yet. When I came back and made a nice birdie, it really did settle me down. I wasn't really nervous starting my fourth round at all.

Q. And even on the finish, were you nervous at all, because you had built up a nice, solid lead and you were involved throughout the day.
RUSSELL KNOX: I was terrified. Winning any level is the hardest thing you can do, and especially because I've never won a big one like this. It was tough but I just kept holing putts, and golf is so much easier when that happens.

Q. It's quite a story, isn't it, if you distance yourself from it for a moment to consider you were down on the reserve list, last entrant effectively, had all the visa problems and so many people to thank?
RUSSELL KNOX: I think it was Jamie Holmes that withdrew, so I'll be sending him a nice gift, that's for sure. It's funny, everything happens for a reason and I guess it was my time.

Q. You know there are bigger questions, as well, to come your way, and we've got European Tour hat on here. Are you going to become a European Tour Member as a result?
RUSSELL KNOX: I don't want to say the wrong thing at this precise moment but what a great problem to have. I look forward to playing all the opportunities which this win creates.

Q. There are so many doors opening, Masters and whatever.
RUSSELL KNOX: That's pretty cool.

Q. How did you celebrate? Are you a man to celebrate?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yes, I will, for sure. I won on the Web.com a few years back and I didn't celebrate enough because it came very quickly to me. I didn't realise how difficult it was to win again. I will celebrate heavily, yes.

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