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November 7, 2015

Thorbjorn Olesen

Shanghai, China

Q. What then are your thoughts on getting nicely back involved after a quieter spell yesterday?
THORBJ√ėRN OLESEN: Yeah, it was great. Yesterday was tough conditions and I just had a bad finish there. I made a triple.

But I played solid today. A lot of greens, a lot of fairways, seemed to work out well. I found something in the swing this morning that just felt a little bit better than yesterday. Striking the ball really nice and it was nice to birdie 17. It's a really, really tough hole. Hit a great 4-iron and a great putt. It's nice when you make birdies on the tough holes.

Q. Probably too technical to explain, but what did you find?
THORBJ√ėRN OLESEN: It was a little change in the setup, small thing.

Q. Just the tiniest little thing and you just feel that much better?
THORBJ√ėRN OLESEN: Yeah, you know, yesterday wasn't too bad. It was tough conditions. It was really windy and yeah, difficult. But yeah it just felt a little bit better today. So it was nice to be out.

Q. These are tricky conditions today, with the delay and then the change in the nature of things.
THORBJ√ėRN OLESEN: Yeah, I would say the first 11, 12 holes was pretty easy, no wind really. But then it picked up on the last five, six holes. Yeah, it gets really tricky when it's windy here because we're in the trees all the time and you're not really sure about the wind. You've just got to trust it and hope for the best.

Q. I'm sure you're hoping for the best now come Sunday, and you're in a decent position, aren't you, whatever the leaders manage to do.
THORBJ√ėRN OLESEN: I'm not too far off. We'll see at the end of the day. Happy with my round. 6-under is a good score. We'll see, go out there tomorrow, hopefully I can get that same feeling and, yeah, we'll see what happens.

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