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November 7, 2015

Ross Fisher

Shanghai, China

Q. Thoughts on shooting 7-under to rise to prominence?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, absolutely delighted. Knew obviously the scoring was going to be pretty good today, because obviously the first two days, I was kind of playing catch-up, 6-under, having played with Russell the first two days, he played very solid.

I knew I had to go out and just try to shoot as good a score as I could to try to get myself in with a chance tomorrow. So to go out and shoot 7-under, one bogey, five birdies -- six birdies and an eagle, very pleased. Very delighted.

Q. Those other two days haven't been bad but was there something that clicked and moved you on a bit better today?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, first day I played good front nine and then I really struggled on the back. Swing was getting a bit inside and over the top, so I had worked on trying to get it more outside and a better line to the plane, and it felt good for the most part. But then with the driver, it was tricky, and I lost a lot of shots left-to-right. But I hung in there and birdied the last two for 3-under, and then played lovely yesterday. Couldn't hole a putt, for 3-under, with no bogeys.

So went on the putting green after I finished and did some work with Lee. It's just really a mental thing, really. It was just trying to, you know, believe you can be positive with the putts. I was picking good lines but I was kind of picking lines that were too short.

So I did a good 40 minutes with Lee yesterday, and there was a few that I wasn't as positive as I'd like to have been but the ones I was positive, I managed to hole. So you know, it was nice to see the good work that I had put in pay off today.

Q. Tell us about the huge positive with that lovely yellow and red figure of the eagle on the back nine.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, that was nice. I hit a lovely drive there. Was kind of relieved to see it in the fairway. I wasn't sure if it was going to just carry the bunker to stay in the rough. I think we had all the twos to the front: 222, 232 to the pin, and it was slightly helping. Hit a really good 4-iron I thought was good enough, just pitched about four yards short, but with preferred lies. Got to place a really nice lie and fortunately I had seen Tommy chip before me, so I knew it was going to be slow into the green and just tried to hood it and play like a little run-in lob wedge shot. As soon as I struck it, I knew it was going to be good and to see it drop in was fantastic.

I holed a good par save on 15, really good putt on 16, and obviously 17. So to see the ball nestle to within three feet on last, I could handle that, so that was nice.

Q. You've nestled up into a lovely position on that leaderboard. Thoughts into Sunday, presumably very positive?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, try to go out with the same game plan, be aggressive most of the way around. You know, the course isn't really drying out. It's still really soft. Greens are receptive with long irons and woods. It's just a case of be aggressive where I can, be strategic where I can and try to give myself a lot of looks at birdie and try to hit as many greens as I can and hopefully the putter will stay warm for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

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