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November 7, 2015

Scott Hend

Shanghai, China

Q. Thoughts after three days of decent golf?
SCOTT HEND: It was good. Obviously tomorrow to be in the mix, you never know, shoot a really low round, might get a crack. See what happens.

Q. Have you felt good about your golf and your scoring?
SCOTT HEND: Seems to be getting better as the week's gone on. My back's feeling better. Swing's feeling better. Unfortunately the weather's not really cooperating with us but hopefully tomorrow it will be all right for us to get out there and have a go.

Q. Does this mean your back has been very troublesome of late?
SCOTT HEND: No, no, just been on a long stretch of golf. I started in Holland and played every week. Slept the wrong way the other night. Woke up with a bit of a stiff back. These things happen. I'm getting old.

Q. Presumably that affects your preparations; do you try to take it easier, rather than hit too many balls?
SCOTT HEND: Not really. Just see the physio more. Give them more work to do, which is unfortunate for them. It's a bit of maintenance with the body.

Q. You're playing alongside somebody who hits it just like you do, as well. Is that a bit of fun?
SCOTT HEND: He hits it so far, it's ridiculous. He bombs it. Pretty impressive to watch how he leads with the golf club and creates the clubhead speed.

Q. Does that mean you have to tell yourself, don't try to better him, just try to do what you can?
SCOTT HEND: No, I've never tried to better someone I've played golf with off the tee. I just do what I do and get the golf ball around. What someone else does is entirely up to them, but it's impressive to watch a few of the drives there.

Q. Do you like being in this kind of position, in a World Golf Championships event?
SCOTT HEND: It's nice to say but every tournament is the same in the preparation and the things you do. But obviously I guess the competitors I'm playing against, it's nice to be positioned where I'm positioned.

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