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November 7, 2015

Patrick Reed

Shanghai, China

Q. What are your thoughts in nice fashion in the gloom?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, I played the par 5s great today. I was 4-under on them. Unfortunately I had one mishap on one hole that cost me two shots, so I was pretty upset about that. But all in all, to be able to get closer to the lead, nothing more I can ask for. Hopefully tomorrow I can post a low one and have them try to catch me.

Q. And presumably all the better to finish with a birdie knowing that you can barely see what you're doing out there.
PATRICK REED: Oh, for sure. I thought I hit a perfect drive on the last hole. Felt like a great golf swing, picked up my tee quick and was in the hazard right. I was luckily it was plugged, so I got to take a drop and it bounced forward twice.

So I hit 3-wood and I absolutely smashed the thing trying to get it all the way over the bunker and it barely got over the hazard. It's always nice to be able to chip down close and have a tap-in, especially when it's dark out. It's hard to see the putts. Our whole group you go struggled on 16, 17, 18, trying to see to get the reads because you can't really see.

Q. Slightly trying day with the conditions and the delay in the first place.
PATRICK REED: For sure, right when I got over here from breakfast and got to the golf course is when I heard about the first delay. I was already over here so was like, all right, just wait it out.

The wind was completely the opposite than what it has been the first two days, and so just kind of played completely different golf course. Any time playing these last holes in the dark you can shoot under par coming in, you always feel really good.

Q. How often do you do post-round interviews with no shoes on?
PATRICK REED: First one. It's been such a long one, and I wanted to make sure I had time to sign for the fans. I went my brother up to the locker to grab my boots so we could get going.

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