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November 7, 2015

Russell Knox

Shanghai, China

Q. Thoughts on the way the day has panned out?
RUSSELL KNOX: I played beautifully the first 12, 13 holes and then I started to limp in a little bit. Sort of decided not to play the last hole, it was awfully dark. 3-under so far, I have to be pleased.

Q. Give us an indication of how dark and how gloomy it was getting from the tee onwards?
RUSSELL KNOX: Our group spoke on 17 tee. We could easily have not played, and we all decided -- we all hit great shots and got away with birdie and a par. Then Branden and Kevin wanted to get done and I was like, it was into the wind, I was like, maybe I'll just wait until the morning and see if I can catch it downwind or no wind.

I was happy with my decision. My caddie didn't want me to play the last, and I think all in all, they maybe shouldn't have but got a way with a birdie and a par, so good on them.

Q. Does this make preparations for you more awkward for the morning or just goes with the territory?
RUSSELL KNOX: Well, I'm going to have to wake up a lot earlier, starting at 7.45 and I won't tee off until probably 10.45, 10.35. It will be a multiple breakfast day tomorrow.

Q. Which might be enjoyable, not sure, but I presume the round as a whole was pretty enjoyable today, having yourself up there.
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely, yeah. I was pleased how I felt. I was thrilled the way I swung it the front nine. Can't wait for a crack at it tomorrow.

Q. Conscious of leaderboards?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I am. Maybe wish I wasn't so much, but I looked at them. I'll look at them again.

Q. We have been talking about free-wheeling as the last person into the competition; did it change today or was it still the same mantra?
RUSSELL KNOX: I mean, it's going to take the best round of my life tomorrow, so I'm going to have to go for it. Pars are not going to win this tournament. I'm going to shoot at the pin.

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