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October 19, 2004

Ian Poulter


Opening statement

"It comes as a little bit of a surprise. I didn't realize [that I earned my PGA TOUR card]. I didn't read the handbook in mass, so I didn't realize that was the case. It was a nice surprise to happen because that is what I have been working for all year round. It will be nice to come over and play as many events as I can. It is the best way to improve my world ranking and better my career. I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to play on the PGA TOUR."

On keeping a full European Tour schedule

"I will play enough events to keep that as my goal right now. I actually haven't had that much time to think about it. I only found out seven days ago. I really haven't had much time to sit down and work out any kind of a schedule. I have obviously been playing in Europe for the past five years, so I have some commitments to play with them - which is only right for me to do. Looking at a quick glance of the schedule, I can easily play 15 events here and play plenty of events back home as well."

On feeling pressure to play in Europe

"That is where I grew up. That is where I learned all my golf. That is where I have played my golf tournaments. I am not just going to get my [PGA TOUR] card and disappear from Europe. That would not be the right thing to do right now. I am in a good situation where I can play in both. Obviously, the Majors and the WGC count in Europe as well."

On the camaraderie of the European players

"I think that there are enough guys playing on the PGA TOUR that are my friends now. I don't see it being a problem. I will still be able to socialize back in Europe. When I do go back, I will be able to see the guys quite a lot anyway."

On seeking advise from international players

"I will look into how they plan their schedule. I have a family back home as well. I have two kids, both of them under two-and-a-half years of age. I have to work with my family as well. I will speak to Justin [Rose] and see how he planned out his schedule this year. It will be new territory for me to try and play both tours, but it is a great opportunity for me to play well."

On building a house in the Orlando area

"I agreed to purchase a house out in Lake Nona. It will be ready in the early part of this year. It will be a base for me to come over. I am being coached by David Leadbetter. It just works out perfectly that I can fly over in the winter. It was the plan for this year, but the house got pushed back due to the complications with the weather. I was able to get my card quicker that I thought. It will be nice to fly into Florida and have a base here."

End of FastScripts.

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