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November 5, 2015

Graham DeLaet

Jackson, Mississippi

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Q. First just talk about the round today. What was going well?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, I played really well. You know, all day I made kind of -- I screwed up the first hole pretty bad. I had 250 front edge and ended up making double on the par-5. But other than that I was super happy with how I played, made some good putts, hit a lot of good iron shots and gave myself lots of chances.

Q. This has been a big week for you. Big news on the McKenzie tour, the Canadian PGA TOUR Canada. You're going to be hosting an event with your foundation next year.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, that's exciting, both my wife and I. I mean it's super cool to be able to give back and partner with the PGA tour Canada, which is where I got my start, and it was a good fit. Obviously our foundation is all about raising money locally in Saskatchewan, and this is a good way to kind of catapult that and grow the awareness of what we're trying to do, Ruby and I, so it's great.

Q. Now, Ruby, you were just saying there was a chance you might have to fly home tomorrow for the birth of your twins. Update us on that real quick.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, so I got a text about 15 minutes before we teed off and she got the results from a test that her doctors had done and we have now until Tuesday she's going to have a planned Cesarean on Tuesday, so that allows me to stay here. Obviously I would have got on a flight as soon as possible if the news had been any different because they were thinking it was going to possibly happen tomorrow. So that's nice. Hopefully I can have a nice weekend here and enjoy the off season with new family.

Q. And a Canadian won here last year, first year at this course. So give you good vibes?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Good vibes, yeah, and having played well. So there's a lot of Maple Leafs kind of floating around here.

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