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November 5, 2015

Bryce Molder

Jackson, Mississippi

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Q. Bryce, what a great round of golf. Particularly what a great start. Was there anything in your warmup that would indicate what you were going to do on that opening nine?
BRYCE MOLDER: Not really. You go out and hit the first fairway and knock it close and see a putt go in which I haven't done much of lately and then all of a sudden the momentum is just going the right direction. But yeah, sometimes you look up and the ball is going where you meant to hit it and sometimes you hit a good putt and it actually goes in and that's what happened today.

Q. You got 7-under par through 10 holes. Did you start thinking ahead of yourself or you just didn't make as many birdies on the way in?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know what, I actually told myself let's just keep the pedal down and I think I actually got a little anxious on that eagle putt. I actually hit a great putt. I thought when it was six feet out this thing is going in and it went too hard. No, actually I did what I wanted to do coming in, which is get some opportunities. They didn't fall like they did early on, but just kept trying to do the same thing.

Q. That was a 22-foot eagle putt on the 11th green, ended up being a par. But a nice birdie on 14 for you and just a really, really solid day. You missed a couple of five-footers but you also made a couple lengthy par putts.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I chipped in on 8. Kind of had an ugly little lie and was just trying not to make a fool of myself, and happened to go in. And then coming out of the rough on 9, I happened to knock it close. And so those kind of offset some of those really good shots that you don't quite take advantage of and that's kind of how the game goes.

Q. Wonderful seeing you play. Keep it up.
BRYCE MOLDER: All right. Thanks.

Q. Thanks, Bryce. All birdies and pars day one. How would you describe your first round here?
BRYCE MOLDER: It was good. You kind of knew it was going to be soft all over, and so you kind of had to be aggressive, make some birdies. So I was on the first hole and had a good number and thought let's start right here and happened to get it in there close enough to make one.

Yeah, just sometimes -- I haven't been playing that great coming in the last month or two, and so you just kind of put your head down and try to make some putts and try to hit it close and happened to do that today.

Q. I was going to ask with your start to the season if you found something on the range or at what point did you start clicking where you knew your swing was in a good spot?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, it's funny, I started the Frys and actually drove it as good as I could possibly drive it, because I didn't make anything. I kind of lost the momentum and just clicked forward and it carried over the next week. So I actually took a week off just to be like, all right, let's just kind of hit the reset button. It feels awful, but it's never that bad. And I kept telling myself that, and so yeah, it's nice to go out and hit some good shots that actually ended up close and made some putts early.

Q. With the low numbers that were in the morning, did that change your approach at all in the afternoon as far as your aggressiveness?
BRYCE MOLDER: It was about what we expected. You know, it's not a long golf course, and with the greens being soft you're going to have to make some birdies. So I wasn't surprised to see a lot of low numbers, a lot of under-par numbers, so when you get a few under you just know that's not that great for today. So let's keep it going.

Q. The morning guys were putting up some low numbers and everything. Is it hard not to put pressure on yourself to go out there -- and I mean obviously it started well for you, but do you have to be patient, I guess?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, I think we're just so used to seeing -- going out and it playing hard or playing easy or whatever and you just kind of know if it's playing easy, that's because you're hitting good shots, you're getting rewarded for them. So it doesn't change what you want to do. It might when you're sitting out there in the middle of the fairway with a short iron, you might just remind yourself, you know what, we need to take advantage of this.

But it doesn't really change what you're doing. I think we're used to seeing some low scores out here, but it does let you know that once you get to three or four-under, you might as well get a few more.

Q. How do you feel like your game has been the last couple of months or so?
BRYCE MOLDER: I was playing really -- I was playing great going into the FedExCup. I made a ton of cuts in a row and actually had some chances to win in the summer and played good at Barclays and then all of a sudden the last two FedExCup events just played like -- just like garbage, and then I came out in the first two events, played like garbage, took last week off to just kind of reset. I mean I knew that I wasn't that far off, even though sometimes it feels a mile off, but it's not. And so I just kind of was like, all right, how can we get our mindset right so that we can actually play some good golf. So that's what I kind of worked on this week was just trying to get my mind in the right place to play well, and fortunately went out and made some birdies early.

Q. Give us your thoughts on the greens, what they're like today.
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, the greens are perfect speed for making putts. They're not too hard to read. You can see the grain in it, so they're not terribly difficult to read, and they're such a good speed, and with them being soft, you know, whether you got a 5-iron or whether you've got a wedge you know that with the right shot you're going to have an opportunity to get it close, and I would say that's the only thing is they're still soft enough that some of the short irons, coming from a wet fairway to a fairly soft surface, you may have to actually take a little bit of spin off coming in, maybe take a little bit extra club. But that's about the only thing. Other than that, it's really -- the greens are in such good shape that they're not a hazard for sure. They're there to be aggressive on.

Q. And you said they're good speed. What does that mean?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well, they're not fast enough that you're going to have to worry too much about your speed. Sometimes we get firm and fast greens, and you know, they become troublesome, you know, where you leave it. But the greens are -- and the greens don't have a ton of slope from one way or the other. So if you get it inside 20 feet, you feel like you're going to have a chance to make it and be aggressive with it. That's what I mean, if they're not too fast, you can be aggressive. But then we've also played sometimes where they're almost so slow that we're not used to them and you feel like you've gotta hit it so hard and it's hard to get it on line because you're hitting it hard and they're not slow by any stretch. So that's what I mean by a perfect speed.

Q. Is it nice when you're playing in a group, obviously Davis had a really good day, too. Do you feed off each other or is that over rated?
BRYCE MOLDER: I think there's something to it. But again, we're so used to seeing all ends of the spectrum, whether it's guys shooting 60 or 80 in a group, that you -- you're kind of just used to playing. But it's always nice to see other good shots and see putts go in.

I think everybody would agree that you'd rather see that in your group than the other. And so it is kind of nice to see. And I think I was the one early on, I got kind of caught -- he was going and that in itself reminded me, you know what, there's still birdies to be had. Let's keep the pedal down.

Q. We were watching on TV and I thought it was really close on 15 and then I looked away.
BRYCE MOLDER: It was about six feet, and it was just a bad putt. It was a bad read and a bad putt combined.

Q. Because that one, all the greens out there, or all the holes are there for the taking out there.
BRYCE MOLDER: Oh, absolutely. And I hit the second shot because it runs away and so just the perception of it. When I started walking up there, I thought it was a gimme, and then I got there, like all right, it was six feet pretty straight down the hill, and just a bad putt.

Q. You didn't hit driver there?

Q. You did?

Q. Because you were short?

Q. Was it wet?
BRYCE MOLDER: I mean it was -- well, it was back in the breeze, so it was 290 front, so I probably hit it 270, which when it's wet and back into the breeze, I'll take 270. I don't hit it like some of these guys.

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