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November 4, 2015

Roberta Vinci

Zhuhai, China

R. VINCI/S. Kuznetsova
6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How did you feel about that match? Also, how do you feel that the court is playing? Is it fast? Slow? High? Low?
ROBERTA VINCI: Of course I'm really happy. Today was tough match, tough group for me. No, the court is not so slow, but I think the balls are a little bit heavy. But it's nice, you know. Stadium is not so big. Also the crowd is really nice.
Well, about the match, of course I'm really happy. Two sets against Svetlana is not always easy. She's a great player. She won Moscow right now, so probably she was in confidence.
But I play good.

Q. Flavia played her last match in Singapore. I'm wondering, have you talked with her?
ROBERTA VINCI: Not yet. Just an SMS. Of course when I came back in Italy I will call her for sure.

Q. When you have a friend retire, does that make you look ahead in your career, make you appreciate more the last few years of your career?
ROBERTA VINCI: Yeah, of course. Not good that Flavia already finished, but for me I don't have more than two years left. So almost done also my career. I would like to enjoy also the next year, and then we will see after. That's it.

Q. Did you get an opportunity to rest at all after maybe the China Open? Did you just train until now? Did you have some holidays?
ROBERTA VINCI: Not some holidays, but after the China Open come back in Italy and then I play Linz. Then I say to my coach, I don't want to go to Luxembourg.
I was a little bit injured also in my knee, so I prefer to stop and relax and practice a little bit to come here. Yeah, stay focus about this tournament.
So not really relax, but almost. (Smiling.) When I finish the year, relax completely.
Q. When you were junior player, did you train at tennis club or tennis academy?
ROBERTA VINCI: When I was young until 13 years old in the club in my town. After, from 13 to 18, in the Federation, in academy in Rome.

Q. Roberta, last week we saw Aga win the WTA Finals. You obviously had that great result in New York.

Q. You generally play kind of similar styles, slicing, creative, and things.
Q. When a player like you plays the bigger, more powerful players, what's the key? What's the most important thing for a player of your style to make sure to do against the bigger hitters?
ROBERTA VINCI: Just try to play better our tennis. Is not always easy to play against the players that always push the ball always.
But is nice that Aga won there. Yeah, we are a little bit similar, and is nice also that one player like this can win a big trophy like Singapore.
I'm very happy for her because she didn't win a Grand Slam, but now she won a great tournament. Yeah, I'm happy for her.

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