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November 2, 2015

Michael Capiraso

Peter Ciaccia

Kilian Muller

New York City, New York

CHRIS WEILLER: Thanks, everybody, for joining us. Welcome to the TCS New York City Marathon Pavilion, NYRR Media Center, our final event of 2015 in this beautiful new home. I don't know if Kyle and Elaine are out there, but thank you very much for building a spectacular palace for the media.
I'm Chris Weiller. I just wanted to start things off by letting everybody know we'll have a couple of presentations. Excited to have our friends from Tag Heuer here. We'll take photos with our champions.
To get things started, I'd like to introduce the race director of the TCS New York City Marathon and the president of New York Road Runners Events, Peter Ciaccia.
PETER CIACCIA: Good morning again. So what a great day, but before we even start about the day, let's talk about the week. This was just a fully engaged city. The excitement in this city was electric, from last week right through with all our partners involved. I think it just carried through right through race day.
Greatest race‑‑ we said this yesterday, the greatest race in the greatest city in the world, had the biggest block party in the world. We had our great champions that came in.
Before we talk about the champions, though, I want to give you a little flavor of what happened the entire week leading up to this great event. We rant to roll a little video.
[Video played.]
PETER CIACCIA: Let's just go do this again. Let's start the week over again. That's really how we feel.
One more. You've got to give me this one. We have to give our staff at New York Road Runners and the entire team that's worked with us major props for putting this whole event on this whole week, and actually being able to put that video together overnight so that we could have it today to celebrate was really special as well.
So now to get into what we really are here, bringing our professional athletes into New York is very special year after year. It allows us to tell our story in a bigger way. It allows us to show the world what we are in our broadcast, which hit over 600 million homes worldwide through ESPN and our world feeds, WABC, our partners. Again, it's all about us, New York Road Runners, being able to tell the story and being able to bring the world into our house.
So today we want to welcome our four champions today. The professional men's division, Stanley Biwott of Kenya with a time of 2:10:34. First TCS New York City Marathon win and his first Abbott World Marathon Majors race win.
In our professional women's division, Mary Keitany of Kenya with a time of 2:24:25, the eighth woman to win multiple New York City Marathon titles. The first woman to win consecutive titles since Paula Radcliffe. She did that 2007 to 2008. And the 13th fastest performance in history.
In our professional men's wheelchair division, Ernst Van Dyk of South Africa, who finished with a time of 1:30:54. This is his second win, and he's the fourth man to win multiple New York City Marathon titles and the second fastest performance in race history.
And in our professional women's wheelchair division, none other than Tatyana McFadden, who absolutely shattered the course record by 7:20 with a finishing time of 1:43:04. This is Tatyana's fourth New York City Marathon victory and her third consecutive victory. She has now captured her third straight Marathon Grand Slam, first person in history to do so. 12th straight Abbott World Marathon race victory. Tatyana McFadden.
Tag Heuer is a New York Road Runners strategic partner and official timekeeper and timepiece of the TCS New York City Marathon. Now I'd like to invite Kilian Muller, the president of Tag Heuer, for a commemorative timepiece presentation.
KILIAN MULLER: Good morning, everybody. I want to make this short. First, I want to congratulate the winners for their fantastic performances. Also, I want to thank the New York Road Runners, the whole organization, Peter and Michael, for their partnership and the event they have put together, which was just tremendous, a great weekend. I was here yesterday. I was here Saturday with my kids. My brother was running. Great, great event. So thank you very much for that, for that partnership. We're very proud to be a partner and official timekeeper.
So now I think I have the pleasure to hand the timepieces we have for the winners here. It's our Aquaracer piece for the men. For the ladies and for Tatyana, we have something else because Tatyana, we see her very regular now on the podium. So we saw her in Chicago, last year here. I think it's your fourth timepiece. So congratulations for that.
I think, first, Tatyana to the stage for your timepiece. Thank you.
Now we have Ernst. That's Aquaracer Chronograph.
Mary, please. We have the Aquaracer Ladies fully dressed for her.
Stanley, please. Congratulations.
CHRIS WEILLER: Thank you very much. That was fantastic.
We have a few more champions to meet. It's not just our professional wheelchair athletes and our professional athletes, but we have some exciting amateur athletes to meet as well. To handle that and talk a little bit about the week as well is the president and CEO of New York Road Runners, Michael Capiraso.
MICHAEL CAPIRASO: Hard to top seeing that video and what this week has been like. It has been an absolutely amazing week. As Peter said and I'd just like to echo thanking the staff of New York Road Runners for making this all possible. We have an amazing staff and work incredible why I hard to make sure everyone has an amazing time. Again, to thank all of our partners to make sure that yesterday went really well.
Fortunate to talk a little bit about what's really near and dear to us at New York Road Runners, which is our youth programs. We spend a lot of time making sure our professional athletes have everything to be successful, and we want to spend a lot of time making sure our kids have everything to be professional athletes maybe in the future, if they choose to do that.
We had our first ever youth invitational at the TCS New York City Marathon. The kids ran 1.8 miles to the finish line at the same time the race was starting on the bridge. It was pretty exciting. We have our winners here. We have Matthew, 16, from Manhattan, who ran 9:42 for 1.8 miles, which is amazing. We also have Julianne, 12, from Brooklyn, who ran 11:16 for the 1.8 miles. If both of you could come up for a second.
So you see just two of the kids that we have, but we put on youth running programs all year round here in Manhattan and throughout the country. We have 150,000 kids here in the city that run and 200,000 kids all year that run with us. It's an amazing opportunity to give kids a chance to run, and maybe for the future it will be something they want to do and stand here and win the TCS New York City Marathon.
Also, at the same time, we have a few of our professional athletes from China who are down visiting PS 1 in Manhattan, running with our kids today in their running session in Chinatown. We're very excited about that. The opportunity to be able to connect our professional athletes with our kids really help provide inspiration. So thank you for that.

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