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November 1, 2015

James Hahn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Just thoughts on your round for today and maybe just sum up the week as well.
JAMES HAHN: Yeah, I did what I was supposed to do. I got off to a great start. I gave myself a lot of opportunities to climb up the leaderboard.

I think the turning point was hole 7. I just didn't hit a good shot. I tried to get too aggressive to that front pin, hit it short, went in the bunker, and didn't get up-and-down.

I still had a great opportunity on hole 9. I hit a great shot in there about six feet, straight up the hill. Misread it. So, missed -- made par on 9.

Then on 10, had another great opportunity, middle of the fairway, 260 to the pin, and I didn't hit a good shot again. And I missed the green shot short, didn't get up-and-down.

So, those are three strokes that are very important that keep the momentum going, and I bogeyed 7, parred 9, parred 10, and those are all birdie holes.

So, I was stuck at 2-under par. I finished well, did what I was supposed to do coming down the stretch, just finishing out my plan, being aggressive on the back nine.

But I was never in position to win this golf tournament. These guys are making birdies left and right, and I just didn't make enough of them.

Q. But still a good start to the season for you?
JAMES HAHN: Yes, absolutely. It's always good to come here, to Malaysia, and it's a no-cut event, so you're guaranteed some amount of FedExCup points.

But for me, I feel really good about my game. I'm hitting my driver well, making a lot of putts, so it should carry over into next season.

But the experience that had today, I feel like is just getting me ready for the next time I'm coming down the stretch and possibly win another golf tournament.

Q. Talk about your experience playing in Malaysia and enjoying the Malaysian culture this weekend?
JAMES HAHN: I love Malaysia. I feel like it's very similar to Korea, the weather, very hot and humid.

The people are so nice.

It's interesting that more people in Malaysia know who I am than in California. In California or I'm sorry, in the United States, in the United States, they always call me John Huh or Sang-Moon Bae or Kevin Na.

Here they always call me, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Hahn. And the fact that they know a lot of the golfers and are really good golf fans. And they're all very nice people, they're very happy for you.

They know when to be quiet and when to clap. And I feel like it's a tournament that has a lot of success in the last previous years, and I feel like there's a lot, a bright future of golf Malaysia.

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