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May 26, 2005

Ian Poulter


Q. How fantastic was it to finish 1 under?

IAN POULTER: Just, you know, get it all back and just make a mess of 17, frustrating and you hit some great golf shots, it's a frustrating golf at times when you hit it to 12 feet and you miss putts. They are probably the trickiest greens to read all year, and you know, there's so many very, very, you think a putt is straight but it's not. It's very, very slightly left to right, or right to left and if you don't read them right, you'll miss them all day long and get frustrated. They are running perfectly. You just have to have good pace and it only makes it even more frustrating when you make a mistake like I did at 17. I didn't hit that bad of a tee shot and it just moved, you know, ten yards five yards left, really, from a perfect tee shot. Then I got a 3 iron that goes 270 yards. Probably because it was a bit of aggression in there, but, you know, some people will say, all in all, it has not turned out to be a bad day, 3 over after three was a horrific start. I just need to go and relax my brain cells, the couple that I've got, and start a bit better tomorrow.

Q. Obviously you want it firm and fast running.

IAN POULTER: Yeah, it is running quick out there. There are a couple of pins which are on the front and you have to think about exactly where you want to land it. You can't land it on a couple of the greens out there because you know you're going to leave yourself a 30 , 40 foot putt, so it is tricky.

Then again, there's enough par 5s out there which are all reachable and you should make your score on the par 5s, and that's why it's so annoying to drop on the par 5s. You should go around here 5 under for the 5s.

Q. Was it windier than we might think?

IAN POULTER: Not really. I think there are a couple of holes which are a little bit higher up than others. It always swells. So one minute, you think it's off the right and all of a sudden you have one straight downwind. That is just Wentworth, you know. It does swirl in here and you've just got to be careful at times and back off when it is swirling.

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