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May 27, 2005

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: I always play fairly quick anyway, and if anything else, it helps me I think. But, yeah, I got off to a bad start yet again, which was not my goal to start it out. I do feel as though I've got a low score in me around this golf course and certainly when you get around this golf course, you're a couple over par for five or six holes, it frustrates you, but I hung in there and I made a lot of birdies coming in.

Q. Certainly the back nine is playing easy, but not that easy to finish?

IAN POULTER: It's not that easy , you still have to hit good golf shots and some of the pins are tucked today and you have to hit it to 20 feet, which you want to hit it a lot closer around here; and 20 foot, which everybody knows around here on this golf course is not an easy putt.

I think I can do a lot better. Especially the par 5s, they are all reachable. I'm still leaving shots out on the par 5s, like bogeying 17 yesterday, that's just handing shots to the field. You don't want to do that when you've got a world class field out here this week and when you do do that, you're going to have to make a lot more birdies.

Q. The details of your round, yesterday you described your round as pathetic; how would you sum it up today?

IAN POULTER: The start was pathetic. That was too frustrating. That really did peeve me off.

You know, it's just bad starts, and that's annoying. I can shoot low around this golf course. I haven't had a really low one, and some courses you're happy on, and this is one of them. And it's just really annoying and really frustrating when you just force shots adrift of where you think you should be after half a dozen holes. And you know, I know I can play the back nine well, and I've done it the last couple of days and I've done it previously. So I just need to get it going on the front nine, and if I do, then happy days.

Q. You seem in a pretty good position.

IAN POULTER: It's okay. Nobody is running away. Good score by McGinley today, and that's the kind of score that I can see out on the golf course. It is on if you get a run of it.

Q. Can you give me your details, as well?

IAN POULTER: Birdie at 9 was from 10 feet, 9 iron to ten feet.

11 was sand iron to eight feet.

12 was up and down at the bunker for birdie.

13 was 15 feet. 7 iron out of the right hand rough.

17 was up and down from short left of the green to about three, four feet.

Q. Thoughts for the weekend?

IAN POULTER: Shoot the score I ought to be shooting around the golf course and everything will be fine.

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