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October 30, 2015

Stanley Biwott

New York City, New York

Q. So my first question has to do with probably the favorite in this race, Wilson Kipsang. What do you need to do to stay with him for the full 26.2. You saw last year he ran away from Desisa at the end. Do you think you have the fitness to stay with him all the way through?
STANLEY BIWOTT: This time I trained for the New York City Marathon, and I think I'm in good shape from the start to finish. I hope I have a good finish. I know that I'm fit to win the New York Marathon.
Despite the big names, I'm able to do it. I hope I do my best.

Q. You're one of the big names too. I guess the question is, what do you think is between you and finally breaking through for a major marathon title? Do you think this is the year that maybe Sunday is the day?
STANLEY BIWOTT: Yeah, I hope that on Sunday it will be my big day due to my training. I trained very well for this year's. I hope I will do my best on Sunday.

Q. Have you adjusted your training at all to account for keeping up the pace for the full distance? You've done so well in the half marathon. Have you adjusted your training to go the full 26?
STANLEY BIWOTT: Yes. In the previous a few months ago, I trained for the marathon. After running that marathon, I was able to increase my endurance for the marathon. So I have trained well for the marathon.

Q. Who's in your training group?
STANLEY BIWOTT: My training group is in Kapsabet. Training together with Dickson Chumba, who was the winner of Chicago Marathon. I hope we train well this season.

Q. Are you in better shape than Dickson or is he better shape than you? Or do you not want to say?
STANLEY BIWOTT: No, it's up and down. I'm in my best shape.

Q. You've run London, which is flat, and New York, which is a little bit up and down. Which style do you think suits your preference and your physicality?
STANLEY BIWOTT: You know, when you're in shape, it doesn't matter whether it's up or flat. When you are in shape, you are in shape. So I hope this time I'm in good shape for New York.

Q. You raced Mo Farah, right, the last race?

Q. Does that give you confidence?
STANLEY BIWOTT: Yeah, I raced with Mo Farah, I think, one month and a few weeks ago. I was after him at the finish by a few seconds. So I hope I have good speed at the finish. That gives me confidence that I'm going to win.

Q. Do you think too much about other people in the race? Wilson has run well in the past. Geoffrey Kamworor has done well in the 10K but not as much the marathon. Do you think about your competitors much?
STANLEY BIWOTT: No, I think about myself. When you are competing, everybody is in shape. So I think about my body.

Q. It's supposed to be pretty good weather. Does the weather affect you one way or the other?
STANLEY BIWOTT: Yeah, sometimes. But when it affects me, it seems to affect all the athletes. So I think it's not a matter of weather most times.

Q. Compared to your other marathons, like going into them, how would you rate your fitness? How would you say your shape compares this marathon to others‑‑
STANLEY BIWOTT: This time, this season, I think my body this season is better. I'm in better shape than ever.

Q. I watched you run in London, and you've been something of a surprise in London. Are you ready to do that kind of performance here?
STANLEY BIWOTT: Yeah, this time. Not like last season. I think I improved a lot. From London, I was having an injury before London. So in London, maybe I train less time before London Marathon. This time I train fully for the New York Marathon.

Q. So you're ready?
STANLEY BIWOTT: Yes, I am ready.

Q. What are your strengths? We haven't seen you in a close finish. Are you fast at the finish?

Q. So far you've been in there, and you dropped off just before the finish. Twice in London.
STANLEY BIWOTT: Finishing speed, I am okay.

Q. You're good?
STANLEY BIWOTT: The finishing speed, I'm good.

Q. Where do you train in Kenya? Do you train with a particular group that we'd know? Are there other athlete that's we know that you train with?
STANLEY BIWOTT: I train with a small group, about 20 athletes. My training mate is Dickson Chumba, who won a few weeks ago in the Chicago Marathon. We have some athletes who run very good.

Q. Do you have a coach, a trainer?
STANLEY BIWOTT: No. At moment, we are training ourselves.

Q. Where is that? Is it near Iten?
STANLEY BIWOTT: We are training in Kapsabet.

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