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August 9, 2003

Young A Yang


MODERATOR: Welcome, Young-A. That's 74, 64 for a 6 under. That's an extremely nice round today. Can you tell us a little bit about it, and we'll take some questions.

YOUNG-A YANG: It was a really solid round. I hit it well. I hit -- I think I missed one fairway, two greens, so it was a really solid round, and it was my best round in my career. I'm excited.

MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. Would you talk a little bit about how exciting this is for you to go into Sunday, the final round, you're going to be in contention for this championship?

YOUNG-A YANG: I'm not going to think that far. I'm just going to take it hole by hole. Even going in today, all year, three-day events, I missed the cut. The first day I played pretty well and always had afternoon tee time. After yesterday, I found out I had a morning tee time, and I said, good, I'm going to make the cut. I was nervous, but comfortable, and I knew I had to make more birdies.

Q. What was the best part of your game today? What phase of your game was best? What did you do best?

YOUNG-A YANG: I would say putting. I putted really well, and I have 9 birdies, so I've got to putt well.

Q. As you were playing, were you kind of watching the weather, as you were playing, because it looked a little threatening as you were coming in?

YOUNG-A YANG: Not really until I reached 15, that par 3. One of the volunteers told us there is severe weather coming up, so then she kind of let us know. Not until then I really wasn't paying attention.

Q. Do you feel that it's an advantage to you to be in and to avoid this? Those who are going after you, do you think the course, if the conditions deteriorate, it will be more difficult?

YOUNG-A YANG: It will be harder to play, but they're great players out there, so, I don't know. I'm just going to wake up tomorrow morning and see.

Q. Can you just talk about what it's like being a rookie on the tour? Is it as much fun as you thought it was going to be going amateur to pro?

YOUNG-A YANG: It's definitely what I expected. I always heard being an amateur was not the same thing. There is definitely a big gap between being an amateur and being pro. LPGA is obviously the best that is in female golf, so --

Q. How about when you came over to this country?

YOUNG-A YANG: I came here when I was 15. I went to high school and college here, so I heard a lot about being a pro, but it's definitely different, and there is a big gap. I'm learning as I play every tournament. Whether I'm doing great or poorly, I'm learning definitely something.

Q. At what point did you decide you wanted to be a pro? Was it before you got over here or after?

YOUNG-A YANG: I think I always wanted to be a pro as I got more serious with my golf, but my parents thought it was better to wait to see if I really wanted to turn pro after I graduate. So, I mean, I always wanted to be pro. I always wanted to play in the LPGA.

Q. I'm interested in the mind-set of a player like yourself, who is still trying to make a name for herself out here and have the success that you want. When you come to a tournament like this, where there are some top players here, but there also are a lot of marquis names that are missing this week, do you tell yourself this is a week I have a better chance of doing something and breaking through?

YOUNG-A YANG: Actually, no. I see every tournament the same. I mean, because every golf course I go is a different course. I've never played the course, so it doesn't really matter who's in the field. I'm just trying to do my best. I don't think a major is different -- at this point, I don't feel it's different than, so, no.

Q. How about the way the golf course is playing this week? I'm not sure if you are you were here last year or not. It was like asphalt out here last year the way the ball was bouncing. These kind of conditions this week, do they suit your kind of game, do you think? Are you long off the tee and things like that?

YOUNG-A YANG: I'm not really long. I'm pretty average I think. I mean, I don't know. I guess it suits my game okay. I hit the ball really well, so that helped also.

Q. Do you carry the ball a long way in the air?

YOUNG-A YANG: I don't know, probably about average. I hit my 7-iron about 145, so I don't know.

Q. You keep saying you do everything average. What did you do so well today that allowed you to have such a good round?

YOUNG-A YANG: I hit the ball really well. It just seemed like everything went pretty well. Even at the number 17, I hit over the green. I would have been happy with a par, and I putted and it went in. A lot of putts, I hit it, and like, oh, it's in. I don't even know what I was exactly doing. I saw it and went out and hit it. I wasn't expecting or trying to make birdie. I was sticking with my routine and trusting my feelings. That's all it is.

Q. Have you had that feeling before this season?

YOUNG-A YANG: Definitely when I'm playing better. I mean, I guess even last week at British, I putted pretty well. I was trying to forget about all the statistics that I looked at before when I putted. You know, after I forget about that, I just went up and hit it.

Q. You say you came over here at 15. Your whole family moved?

YOUNG-A YANG: No, just me.

Q. Did you go to an academy?

YOUNG-A YANG: I went to Arnold Palmer Golf Academy and Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Q. How hard is that for an 15-year-old not only to leave home but come to a new country?

YOUNG-A YANG: The first few years you're so busy learning language and trying to fit in, you know, I didn't really have the luxury of time to worry about it, but I guess I got a little homesick, but all the girls -- all the students in that school were in a boarding system. It was probably not as bad.

Q. Has your family been able to come over here and visit with you?

YOUNG-A YANG: Yeah, my mom's been traveling with me since March. My dad came for Open and Canadian Open.

MODERATOR: All right. I can get the score card for you guys later. She has to talk to her caddy to go over her score card. Any more questions? Thank you.

YOUNG-A YANG: Thank you.

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